About Us

BestPlugins is a team of dedicated web wizards, dedicated to empowering webmasters and web enthusiasts with knowledge that matters! At BestPlugins, we are all about telling you how. Plugins can give a functional makeover to applications, web browsers, CMS platforms and audio applications. We intend to facilitate really value adding information about the greatest plugins out there, so that our viewers can pick the great from the good and rub off the greatness to their web projects.


Whether you wish to have marketing tools such as contact forms and newsletters built into your existing websites or want to extend your blogging to e-retailing, BestPlugins will provide you the insight to help you pick the best plugins meant for the purpose. Plugins are not limited to website creation; there are browser extensions and plugins to help you in exploring the complete range of browser options, software plugins to assist you in doing more with your applications such as Adobe and Apple software. Even Musicians and singers can create wonderful audio pieces using audio effects and instruments plugins that help you create customized and precise outputs. With BestPlugins, you are always just a minute away from being introduced to the most effective and reliable plugins for niche functionalities.


The world of plugins is so expansive that you might miss out on several amazing tools which could bring in effortless efficiency into your website’s operations. With BestPlugins, you have the most organized, credible and differentiated guidance in terms of identifying top class plugins for specialized applications. Whereas many web-preneurs make inappropriate choices of plugins to extend the capabilities of their chosen CMS platforms, we ensure that you lay your hands upon the most suitable and perfect plugins for achieving the desired results.


BestPlugins also puts together information rich guides to help you understand the true potential of different website creation platforms. Use BestPlugins for all the information you need regarding the best plugins and how-to guides for using the most popular content management systems.