12+ Useful Directory Plugins for WordPress

in CMS,WordPress, - July 8, 2014

With the many directory plugins available for your WordPress site you will be amazed at how efficient and organized your WordPress site can be. These plugins are available for various uses depending on your directory requirement like classifieds, vehicle dealer sites or even pet site. These WordPress plugins will help you to authorise, create, authenticate or update users. With these directory plugins you can list and maintain your information simply and efficiently. These WordPress plugins are really helpful for business related websites. They help you to keep a detailed clientele, services and openings. Job search based directories are also used which include listings of the various job opening present in a particular area.


This helps in getting the entire list of the jobs rather than searching repeatedly. You can even maintain a complete directory of your employers with their profiles which will include other details on your website. The premium features which these WordPress plugins for directory offer will help you to maintain your website and keep everything organised. Another common use of directory plugins is for those who maintain a classified site for selling second hand products. These plugins help maintain a full listing of products sellers and buyers to make sure that no data is ever lost and records are well maintained. These directory plugins are available for free online. You can download them from numerous sites. These directory plugins are the best option to keep clear and professional listings of services on your website. So try out these top notch directory plugins to maintain data on your WordPress site.

Link Library
Connections Business Directory
Business Directory Plugin
Gravity Forms Directory
Active Directory Integration
CM Download Manager
The Media Library
Open Links Directory
Members Directory
Simple Intranet Directory
WebKite for WordPress
Blogs Directory
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