12+ Useful FAQ Plugins for WordPress

in CMS,WordPress, - July 9, 2014

Customer service plays an integral part in making businesses successful. But not all customers want to interact personally nor have business owners the time to interact with them individually. So obviously there is a potential gap generated, but FAQ sections work well to bridge this gap, providing the customers a one-on-one interaction and also all the answers they need without having to waste time. And now with the WordPress Plugins for FAQ adding the section in your website will no longer be a distant dream. The top wordpress plugins enable you to easily add the FAQ sections page to your site and allow you to alter and modify the settings as per your requirements. With the premium FAQ plugins you can change the orientation, the display configuration, number of threads per page, highlight top rated comments and so on with just a click of the button.



And the best FAQ plugins also allow users to post video comments and images as well, to get better interaction with them. Most of the free plugins also include customizable taxonomies for better performance and easier customization of the plugins. The navigational features are also customizable to enable the users find the topics they are looking for without having to search too much. Also the background theme and the color of the plugins can be customized to match the color palette of your website. And 12+all the plugins provided in the list are directly installable into your wordpress dashboard, so go ahead pick one and setup your own FAQ page.

Q and A FAQ and Knowledge Base for WordPress
FAQ Manager
WP Awesome FAQ Plugin
Sugar FAQs - WordPress FAQ Management Plugin
Arconix FAQ
Fancy FAQ - WordPress FAQ Plugin
Support System
Easy FAQ with Expanding Text
Q and A Focus Plus FAQ
WordPress FAQs
Smart FAQ
Accordion FAQ WordPress Plugin
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