15+ Plugins to Display Clock in Your Chrome Browser

in Browser, - June 16, 2014

For some of the time related features, employ the chrome extensions for clock. These are extensions which have many useful features. Some of the many useful and amazing features are the reflections of digital and analog clocks along with calendars which are compatible with chrome notifications centers. It displays multiple world clocks that you can add, remove, sort and edit. There can be hourly announcements of time with weather details, alarm facilities with the options of multiple alarms and timers. One can make use of stop watches too. One very unique feature of these extensions is that they support importing calendars’ data from Google Calendar.  So, either make use of the toolbar clocks or the full screen clock.

Plugins to Display Clock in Your Chrome Browser

You can have the clock displayed in the colors of your choice as there are innumerable colors for the clock digits and one can also make use of varied themes like a medieval theme or a futuristic one. The chrome extensions for clock give you top notch experiences and allow you to hide controls of the clock once it has been configured. So, one just need to deal with it once and then leave it alone so that they function seamlessly in the background serving their purposes. Chrome extensions for clock are top notch extensions with which great functionality is achieved. So, to summarize, when you use the chrome extensions for clock, you can add a digital clock, change the colors, add reminders with alerts and there is also a full calendar to see.

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Alarm Clock Radio
Clock for Google Chrome
Love O'Clock
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World Clocks
Metro Style Clock Widget [ANTP]
New Tab Clock
Smart-watch: Clock-Talk-Rock & MORE
World Clock
Just a Clock - the Hours
Orbital Clock
Awesome Clock
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