15+ Prestashop Plugins to do Smart Shopping

in CMS,Prestashop, - July 7, 2014

Prestashop can be empowered with the help of fully customizable plugins, modules, add-ons for e-commerce, helping you manage aspects such as payments, selling features, tools, logistics and export. These top class smart shopping plugins for prestashop enable you to increase the sales of your online store. You can easily find add-ons, plugins and templates that drag the customer to your store. The best way to increase you conversion rates to have many smarter shoppers. With best in class smart shopping plugins the whole selling process can be controlled by the merchant by completely customizing the process. Moreover, these premium plugins help you to provide detailed information about the product thereby simplifying entire purchase process for prospective clients.


The plugins help in easily exporting your product list to world’s largest market places and to accelerate sales by winning new target customers. The free versions of these plugins can even help you spruce up the online store to appeal to a global audience. You can expect these plugins to help in sales. The focus is on providing a platform to the store by linking to the social networking sites where the traffic is more and prospective customers could be increased. The best plugins developed, like Smart Suggest, can give the store the information regarding product, product image and product specifications. This is just one of the best plugins aimed at enahcing the selling capabilities of your Prestashop setup. Go for these and make your web store all the more special.

Google Shopping Module
Shopping.com Module
Advanced Related Products Module
Salesbooster - PS 1.5 & 1.6 Module
Yandex Market Module
Bundle pack content module with discounts Advanced Module
Bundle pack content module with discounts Pro Module
M4 Re-order Module
Bookmark Products Module
Shopzilla Module
JPS Mass Edit Price Module
Re-order Module
Group Features and Compare Products Module
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