4+ Useful Stamping Plugins for Adobe Acrobat

in Software, - June 27, 2014

If your company needs to stamp documents on a regular basis on the soft copies of the variety of documents that are made, Stamping plugins for adobe acrobat are your best solution. The best thing is that they are easy to install and use. Keep the official document like it is meant to be kept with these unique stamping plugins which will guarantee that you leave your best impression on your clients. There are a variety of stamping plugins available online for Adobe Acrobat. These offer stylish designs as well as customable font features. You can literally create any kind of stamp you want. You also get the option of selecting the shape and colour or the stamp. The limits are only placed by your imagination.


Some top features of these plugins are layering which ensures where the stamp will be in background or foreground as well as transparency for overlaying text among other features. Just like every other sealed adobe documents, using these plugins ensure that your stamps become a permanent part of your document. You can even put two or more stamps on one page depending on your needs. With page selector you can select which pages you wish to stamp and one click does the job for you. No longer do you need to keep stamping each and every individual page. Many free stamp plugins for Adobe Acrobat are available online, however some have a paid version which offers premium features. These plugins will make sure that your documents are top notch with a professional look

Mapsoft ImagePlacer
Mapsoft Impress
Debenu PDF Aerialist
StampPDF Plug-In
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