5+ Google Chrome Plugins for Duplicate Tabs

in Browser, - June 12, 2014

The advantages of using tabs instead of new windows are numerous. The top one is that it leads to better information organization depending on your personal preferences as you organize information by importance or category. Second, when you open new windows, it uses more memory, thereby slowing down the speed of the processes. It may also lead to frequent browser crashes as the browser is loaded multiple number of times rather than using tabs. And of course, the ease of access of web pages is much more than in multiple windows since tabs are all located in a single window. The best benefit offered by tabs is the restoration of all pages if the browser window happens to crash. The last opened windows can be restored all in one go without worrying about losing information.


When you are using tabs, you might want to duplicate tabs for some reason within the same browser window. For this purpose, there are some premium Google Chrome Plugins for duplicate tabs available. Simple as they may sound, these free plugins simplify the task of duplicating tabs and also managing them. Some basic plugins allow you to set a keyboard shortcut of your choice that duplicates a tab in Chrome. That’s not all, the history of the tab and all other attributes attached with it are also passed on to the duplicated tab without having to reload or refresh the page. You can also direct whether the duplicate tab is to be opened in the same browser window along with other tabs or in a new window.

Duplicate Tab Helper
Awesome Duplicate Tab Button
Clone This Tab
Duplicate Tab Shortcut
Undo/Duplicate Tabs
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