5+ Mozilla Plugins for easy use of Reddit

in Browser, - June 20, 2014

The Mozilla Plugins for reddit are tools that enhance the experience of browsing with reddit. Some of the fantastic features of the plugins as effective add on are ‘never ending reddit’ which literally means that one just never have to press the ‘next page’ button. There would be endless scrolling which makes the navigation super seamless. With the inline image viewer, the images can be viewed without leaving the page felicitated by designated buttons that make it functional. One can keep track of the hidden vote totals that Reddit provides behind the scenes. The account switcher makes switching accounts ultra easy and with the user tagger, one can keep track of users who are seen frequently.

Mozilla Plugins for easy use of Reddit

Make note that the plugins show up/down votes for comments, the vote score for new posts, the markdown source for comments and self posts and much more. So armed with such phenomenal plugins, reddit has transformed into so much more than being just a website used for displaying and sharing content. These plugins are the reasons for great likeability among the reddit users who love the unique features that the plugins provide. For the serial users, the scrolling advantage is like God sent owing to which they are saved from extensive clicks. Keeping track of the reddit activities has never been so much easier and effective as the Mozilla Plugins for reddit are integrated in the browser superbly for some very fruitful experiences. The beauty of the extensions is such that for viewers, browsing reddit without these plugins would feel impossible and therefore these plugins have rather become indispensible for reddit.

Reddit Reveal
Reddit Opener
Reddit Enhancement Suite
Reddit Mutilator
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