5+ Safari Plugins for Url Shorteners

in Browser, - June 11, 2014

There are a number of good reasons why short URLs are preferred over the long ones. They are the best way to manage long and ugly links. Some social networking or microblogging sites allow only a limited number of characters per message and that limits sharing of long URLs. In that case long URLs cannot be shared or posted but shortened ones can definitely be shared. The web is abuzz with extensions that allow you to shorten URLs and the top Safari Plugins for Url Shorteners let you quickly get a shortened link in a single click.


These free plugins shorten URLs directly from your browser so you can start sharing the mini versions conveniently and instantly. These extensions also add a button to Safari to allow you to use the shorteners quickly for the page that you are browsing. These newly generated URLs can be easily copied to the clipboard. Some premium plugins allow you to tweet them directly from the extension via a pop up box- a great feature for microbloggers. There’s more to URL shortenening than just sharing in social media. Smaller links are also curiosity generators and lead to increase in traffic as you directly get the benefits of URL redirection. Apart from this, short and sweet URLs are aesthetically pleasing. Use these premium plugins to make long and dreary links more manageable to facilitate sharing on social media and generate more traffic for your website.

Glurl URL shortener
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