6 Best of Sitemap Plugins for Joomla

in CMS,Joomla, - August 28, 2014

Content Management Systems like Joomla have a lot to gain from advanced sitemaps, as all major search engines rely on these XML sitemaps to index the pages of your Joomla website. Sitemap plugins for Joomla prove to be the best way forward for you, ensuring that you are able to leverage the power and utility of sitemaps without troubling your mind and spending more than just a few minutes on the activity. Moreover, these amazing premium plugins ensure that your Joomla site maps are perfectly suited to how Google or any other search engine prefers it. You’ll not have to go far to find a sitemap plugin that generates your Joomla sitemap within a few seconds, without requiring any Joomla extensions.


Not only does this makes things swift, but also removes all hassles that Joomla users otherwise face while creating sitemaps. Moreover, features such as XML sitemap validation are integrated with these plugins, which enhances their utility and appeal. Contemporary free and premium sitemap plugins for Joomla allow you to include SEO parameters and URL specific information with the sitemap. Information such as last modified date, frequency of updates, page’s relative importance, etc. can also be easily added to your sitemap, all courtesy sitemap plugins for Joomla.

JSitemap Professional Edition
Qlue Sitemap
Easy Keyword Sitemap
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