4+ Flanger Plugins for Music Effects

in Audio & Video, - June 26, 2014

Flanger is an effect which duplicates a particular soundtrack and plays it over the original resulting in a double layered version of the same track. One of the signals is delayed slightly to make the sound overlapping. Flanger plugins are mostly used for dance music or electronic music. It is a very common effect used by DJs. You can also change the duplicate layer like you want to make it even more edgy to listen too. Flanger effects help in overlaying tracks in numerous ways and give you complete mastery over what kind of sound you want. One of the best features is changing and equalising the tracks you want to harmonise with each other. Many top Flanger plugins offer the option of changing the tempo of a certain track too. In most cases flanger plugins play with the many layers of track and don’t affect the tone too much.


It keeps the original tone as it is. There are many free flanger plugins available on the internet along with their premium version which arepriced. Simple editing can be done with the free ones but for professional editing the premium versions are suggested. Some of the best Flanger plugins available online are Flow and MmultibandFlanger, both you have to buy but Flow has a free version available to give you a taste. So if you want groovy tracks to dance to when hosting a party, try these out and see why you won’t be disappointed.

Classic Flanger
Blue Cat's Flanger
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