6+ Joomla Plugins for Address Books

in CMS,Joomla, - June 16, 2014

Joomla Plugins for Address Books provide you with the best solutions to organize your list of contacts in a more effective and convenient way. You can create your custom entries with information about contact name, phone number(s), e- mail, address (which is automatically geolocated and group category. These free plugins can be put to use in many ways; allowing your customers to be in touch with your staff is one of them. The plugins are extremely easy to use and are highly configurable as they have various parameters for design. Use them to choose the order of your contacts, send a message or feedback to a group, customize styles and colors to match the theme of your website, and so on.

 Joomla Plugins for Address Books

Use different view types like full view, table view, short view or single view and explore more from these extensions that will help you build an address book you can’t do without. These plugins can also be used for building staff/employee listing components. You can categorize employees by creating departments and adding them to display your company’s staff along with images and other contact information. In short, the plugins can be used in this case by companies to present their staff in a neat and spam resistant layout. Some premium plugins also provide multilingual support and various other features hard to find in many address book organizers. Whether you use these plugins for professional use or just for organizing contact data effectively, you get the best in terms of organization.

Trombinoscope Extended
Thinkery Work Force
Directorix Directory Manager
Address Book
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