7+ Chrome Plugins to learn language

in Browser, - June 19, 2014

Now learning languages have been made simpler using the Chrome Plugins for language learning. To understand its methodology, be aware that the moment it is turned on, the extension automatically translates a part of the web page into one of the desired language amongst the 64 languages that the software supports. There are three levels of difficulty levels set up for the daunting task- the novice or the beginner, the intermediate and the expert or the fluent level settings. These factors control the kind or the amount of translations that can take place over the document. Consequently, for the novice only a few of the phrases get translated while for the expert level person, full sentences will be translated so that one can understand the foreign language better.

Chrome Plugins to learn language

Amazingly, rolling over the translated word or phrase will allow you to hear the pronunciation and one more click and the translations are made back in English. One can learn to pronounce the new language and get to know the meaning of it in English with which one can start getting the knowledge and the hang of the new language. The most fantastic and conducive thing about using these extensions are they allow to be integrated in the reading material that interests you. Start by using the extensions on documents which you have a former grasp on so that there are no unfamiliar words; something that you have read before. So, when they start getting translated, you will begin by understanding effectively and progressively. Try these tools and learn phenomenal languages easily and comprehensively.

Readlang Web Reader
Mind the Word
PIE (International) - Learn English
Speed Learning
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