9 Best WordPress Plugins for Instagram

in CMS,WordPress, - July 9, 2014

Do you love taking pictures and sharing them with the world? Well, if so then Instagram is the perfect application for you. But wait, how do you showcase your pictures to a wider audience with just Instagram? Well, that’s where WordPress comes in handy. Now you can instantly share, edit and exhibit your most precious snaps to the entire world automatically. All you have to do is use the WordPress Plugins for Instagram and install it to your site. The plugin will take care of synchronizing all your photos uploaded on Instagram and display them as per your settings configuration. And all this happens on the background while you focus on capturing the wonderful world through your lens.


There are quite a lot of premium plugins available for integrating Instagram with WordPress, but not all of them have all the functionalities and of course not all of them are free plugins. But this list is compiled based on the functionalities provided by the plugins, such as customizability, ease of installation and management, performance, synchronization abilities and much more. The top plugins listed here, all have different exhibit layouts to choose from such as gallery layout, slideshow layout, sidebar layout and so on.  Also the best plugins featured here have complete documentation attached with them, so that you don’t have to spend hours on the internet trying to fix a problem or understand something. And only the plugins that are completely compatible with WordPress and are easy to use are listed here. So take your pick and get working.

Simple Instagram
Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram
Simply Instagram
WP Instagram Widget
Instagram Picture
Yakadanda Instagram
Social Roll | Instagram for WordPress
Instagram Photo & Video Gallery WordPress
Instagram Theatre
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