9+ Vst Effect plugins for Pitch Signal

in Audio & Video, - June 26, 2014

VST or Virtual Studio Technology is used to give the effect of traditional recording through a microphone while recording through software. VST Effect plugins for Pitch Signalcome with a variety of abilities and one of the most popular ones is the ability to shift pitch signals. So you don’t have to worry anymore with balancing pitches with some of the top VST effects plugins designed for pitch shifting. Pitch shifting is done to get the correct pitch all throughout the composition. It balances the pitch of all tracks and makes them sound whole. Most of the VST effect plugins for pitch signals also come with features which help edit the track balance. So you can layer the tracks with their own particular pitch settings.


More bass or sharp treble – you name it and you will get it. Detuning the tracks and octaving the tracks through these plugins helps in reducing feedback and getting flanger like effects. These plugins are used for vocal tracks to hit that correct pitch. There are many free VST plugins for pitch balancing available online. Pitch shifter and Redshift are two very promising plugins with a myriad of features and both are available for download. These are free software but premium versions are available with more features. VST plugins for pitch signals are the best tool for composing and mixing, it’s always better to shift the pitches at the end to make sure everything is audible and no dull bits are left.

4 Band Shifter
Pitch Shifter
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