Abobe After Effects Plugins for Ultimate Graphics

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Adobe After Effects

Developed by Adobe Systems, after effects is one of the top popular digital visual effects and graphic application that is typically used in the post-production process of films and television production.  After effects comes with a variety of plugins and templates to help you get faster results. Get the best full premium or free version today!


After Effects Plugins

Download these top plugins for your Adobe after effects application. Most of these plugins are free and even come with their own tutorials on how to incorporate them into your video editing. Choose from a wide variety of the best free and premium Adobe After Effects plugins which assist you in processes like tracking, rotoscoping, 3d rendering, animation and transition.


How to Install and Manage After Effects Plugins

Adobe After Effects comes with several in-house as well as third-party plug-ins and most of them come by default with the full premium versions of After Effects software. Very few plug-ins included with the free trial versions. You can get the best top plug-ins for After Effects from the Adobe website, or other 3rd party vendors.

After Effects Video Tutorials for you to Create Ultimate Visual Effects.


Must Have After Effects Plugins

To tap the true potential of After Effects, you will need to install some of these top plugins. Some of the must have After Effects plugins allow you soften skin tones, design 3D animations, remove grains, etc. Some of the best premium and free plugins include Cosmo, Trapcode, Optical Flares, Denoiser, and LooksAdd.


    Premium $199 (Free Trial available)


    Premium $299.00

  • Plexus

    Premium $199.99

  • Yanobox Nodes 2

    Premium $299

  • Element 3D V2

    Premium $199.95

  • Optical Flares

    Premium $124.95

  • Newton 2

    Premium $249.99 (Free trial available)

  • Magic Bullet Cosmo

    Premium $99 (Free trial available)


After Effects text plugins

If you’re looking to get some great text effects using Adobe After Effects, you have to check out these free and premium text plugins that help you get creative with your text. These top text plugins are perfect for adding life and vitality to boring old text. Choose the best plugin from a wide variety of options.



After Effects Transition Plugins

Do you need to make your videos look better while scenes are cutting in? Tired of those awkward scene transitions that make your work look unprofessional. Then try out these top transition plugins for Adobe After Effects to get the best transitions for your videos. Choose from free and premium plugins.

  • Transquare

    Premium $24.95 (Free demo pack available)

  • Picture Transition

    Premium $13

  • PolyChrome Transitions

    Premium $79 (Free Trial Available)



After Effects Animation Plugins

Looking to add some amazing animations to your dull videos? Choose the best top plugins for your Adobe After Effects software and get the most attractive animations that will make everyone want to watch your movie or videos. Choose the one right for you, from dozens of both free and premium animations plugins.

  • ShapeShifter AE

    Premium $249

  • Spritesheet Tools

    Premium $18.99

  • Sweet

    Free and Premium special Packs



After Effects Color plugins

Want to add some much needed color to you dull and lifeless videos? Then download these top best color plugins for your Adobe After Effects software. These great color plugins add vibrancy and life to otherwise dull videos that are made using the software. Choose from a variety of free and premium color plugins.



After Effects Plugin Bundles

Do you need some useful plugins for your Adobe After Effects video editing needs, but don’t know where to start or don’t have the time to download them individually? Then download these top best plugin bundles, which contain all the most useful free and premium plugins for your editing convenience.

  • Ultra Studio Bundle

    Premium $699.95

  • TV Distortion Bundle

    Premium $149.99

  • Shockwave Bundle

    Premium $199.95



After Effects Utility Extensions

Do you need more from your Adobe After Effects application? Download these top best utility extensions for your software, which greatly extends the functionality of your application to give you even more features and option to edit your videos. Choose from top free and premium utility extensions.



After Effects 3D Plugins

Tired of using the regular effects that are offered on your After Effects software? Then download these top 3D plugins for After Effects, which allow you to incorporate great 3D effects into your video edits. Choose from a wide array of the best 3D plugins, available in both free and premium versions.



After Effects Composing Tools Plugins

Looking for a good composing tool for your After Effects software? Download these top composing tool plugins for your application that allow you to merge, splice or layer your videos with ease. Choose from a variety of options from the best free as well as premium composing tool plugins.

  • Un-PreCompose

    Premium $29.99

  • Animation Composer

    Premium $60

  • Render Elements Plugin

    Premium $49.99 (Free demo Available)



After Effects Image Plugins

Looking to add some much attractive images to your video edits? Then download these top best image plugins for your Adobe After Effects software. These great image plugins allow you to add random or stationary images to your videos or movies. Choose from an array of free and premium image plugins.

  • Slice it Up

    Premium $29.99


    Premium $99 (Free trail available)

  • Photo Montage

    Premium $199



After Effects Rendering Plugins

Need some simple and effective tools to render your videos on Adobe After Effects? Download theses top rendering plugins that help you to seamlessly render your video files after you have completed editing them. Choose from hundreds of the best free and premium rendering plugins for your specific use.

  • BG Renderer Pro

    Premium $34.99

  • Particle Render Engine

    Premium $199.95

  • Cloud Rendering Interface




After Effects Workflow Plugins

If you’re using Adobe After Effects for professional work, chances are that you’re probably working on multiple projects at a time. Managing such videos can get very frustrating. So, to help you manage your projects better, download these top workflow plugins for your software. Choose from the top free or premium plugins.

  • CINEWARE Proxy

    Premium $63.99 (Free Trail Available)

  • BAO Dynamic Comp 2

    Premium $59.99

  • RenderHogs

    Premium $14.99



After Effects Time Plugins

If you’re looking to add any time based effects using your Adobe After Effects software, it’s best to download the top time plugins in order to make your work easier. Time plugins allow you to perform time effects such as motion blurring and time layering. Choose from a variety of free and premium versions.

  • Flicker Free

    Premium $149 (Free Trial Available)

  • GBDeflicker

    Premium $99 (Free Trial available)

  • Retiming & Motion Blur

    Premium $105 (Free trial available)



After Effects Rotoscoping Plugins

For those of you looking to rotoscope your images or videos using Adobe After Effects, then try downloading these top rotoscoping plugins for your software. These best plugins help you to easily trace over your footage, frame by frame. This makes for great effects in your movies or videos. Choose from a variety of free or premium plugins.



After Effects Tracking Plugins

Are you editing an action sequence or a sports video? Need some good tracking tools to help you perform motion stabilization functions? Then download the best from the choice of many free and premium tracking plugins for you Adobe After Effects software. These top tools help you perform various motion tracking, 2D and 3D tracking.

  • Tracker2Mask

    Premium $9.99

  • Mocha Plus

    Premium $195 (Free Trial Version Available)

  • 3D camera tracker

    Premium $184.34



After Effects Typeface Plugins

Looking to add typefaces to your videos or films? These great free and premium typeface plugins allow users to easily create static or animated typefaces and insert them in their videos so that they can add a new level of design to their work. Choose from the top plugins and download the one that’s best for you.


    Premium $38

  • Animated Typeface

    Premium $16

  • Characteristic

    Premium $39.99 (Free Trial Available)


Adobe After Effects is one of the most effective and efficient professional-grade video editing tools that can be even more useful if you download the great plugins and extensions that are available.


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