5+ Auction plugins for your Drupal Site

in CMS,Drupal, - June 19, 2014

Welcome to Drupal Plugins for auction which are extremely useful if you are dealing in products that are relevant for auctioning. The methodologies that these use are fairly simple. The products are put up for auction, courtesy the Drupal Plugins which bar them from being added to the carts, yet users can continue to bid on them as long as the auction does not expire. Once that happens, the highest bidder claims the products, settles them in his carts and picks them up at the prices that he had bid for the products. The structure of these plugins reflects entities such as start and end dates, the starting prices, the minimum prices and the instant buy prices.

Auction plugins for your Drupal Site

These amazing plugins felicitate auction content types with auctions reference fields which are created upon installations; use the amazing auction plugins for websites to either host personal auctions or use it as an e-commerce one, the choice is yours. One could sell just about anything with the effective Drupal Plugins by simply adding on the plugins to their websites. These plugins use basic API for writing modules and work with any products or services or with any type of currencies.  Some of the modules of the Drupal Plugins for auction contain support for categorization of auction items; supports for fields related to auctions items, integration with commerce and carts. So, for the desired feature of auctions, make use of these plugins for greater functionalities.

Ubercart Auction
Commerce Auction
Ad Auction
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