Most Popular Google Chrome Extensions

in Browser,Chrome, - May 7, 2015

Chrome Extensions to Improve Your Browsing Experience

Widgets to enhance your entertainment quotient, plugins that make web browsing more secure than ever, and niche plugins with dedicated functionalities – welcome to the world of amazing Chrome extensions. Enjoy productivity with the web, as Chrome productivity extensions offer functionalities such as to do lists, event managers, reminders, and lists management. Gaming links, content from social profiles, and content relevant to your favorite topics – everything is served right through your browser with cool new Chrome apps at your disposal. Use specialized plugins to enable all kinds of multimedia content, add niche compatibility widgets, and add one click connections to your favorite networks, all this and more with Chrome entertainment extensions.

Most Popular Chrome Extensions (Infographic)

Chrome extensions also help you shop better, with price tracking extensions comparing product prices and finding cheapest deals for you, and alert plugins triggering emails when items become available at your preferred prices. Enjoy completely secure web browsing experience with Chrome security extensions to block out data and activity tracking cookies, and to weed out malicious plugins. Also, you can block out all kinds of pop ups and banner advertisements and make your web browsing more distraction free. With so many Chrome extensions around, it’s time to filter out the best and enjoy transformed Chrome browsing.



Block ads on all websites, prevent unnecessary pop ups on websites and customize settings from tool bar using Adblock.


AdBlock Plus

Block video site ads, track malware activity on sites and prevent spam pop ups from coming up using Adblock Plus.


Avast Online Security

Get automatic warning for malicious sites, scan and prevent malware from getting downloaded and improve security features using Avast Security.


Avira Browser Safety

Block tracking and monitoring activities, prevent auto and unauthorized downloads and blacklist malicious sites automatically using Avira Browser Safety.


Avast SafePrice

Compare prices across sites while shopping, get highlighted best deals and see deals across sites without getting redirected using Avast SafePrice.



Quickly access a host of sites using speed dial, directly save stuffs that you want and use interactive gaming features using Quick Start.


Adobe Acrobat

Save and convert web content to PDF , send out PDFs to all users and save articles for offline reading using Adobe Acrobat.



Chat in groups, send innovative emojis, make group calls for free and send files to group conveniently using Hangouts.


Hola Better Internet

Access sites that are banned in your workplace or country and prevent tracking using encrypted systems using Hola internet.


Google Mail Checker

Keep track of your new and unread mails and directly access you inbox in one click from toolbar using Google mail checker.


Pin It Button

Pin interesting videos, articles and images from any website, directly share with your friends and plan projects using Pin it button.


Evernote Web Clipper

Take screenshots of web pages, save and share online data with friends and mark pages for later view using Evernote.


Google Translate

View pages and translate them instantly in a language, directly search for translations and select various views using Google Translate.


Gmail Offline

View and manage your mail in offline mode, respond to mails and view archived information using the Gmail Offline.


Last Pass

Sync your passwords for various sites, protect your details with encryption and easily access sites across platforms using LastPass.


MySearch Dial

Customize your new tab page, install most frequently used sites as shortcuts and directly access them using MySearch Dial.

  • MySearchDial



IE Tab

Display pages using the Internet Explorer within chrome, overcome compatibility issues and translate language in pages using IE tab.


FVD Downloader

Download audio and video files from various websites, convert them to a number of formats and save them easily using FVD downloader.

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