10+ Best Joomla plugins for Qr codes

in CMS,Joomla, - May 29, 2014

Addition of QR codes to webpages has become quite commonplace in consumer advertising. Their ease of generation and use in webpages can be attributed to the number of user friendly modules that help generate QR codes and also offer unique customization solutions. QR code or Quick Response code is a form of two dimensional bar code that can carry information such as text and URLs. In Joomla, there are numerous plugins with distinctive features for generating QR codes and using them in the web content. For example, a free module named Amplify QR Code module is a simple plugin which generates QR codes for your articles and makes use of the free Google Chart service to generate a QR Code.


 Parameters in this plugin include image alignment, image size, custom styling and inclusion of white margin to make the image more clear and avoid problems in scanning. Several other plugins with many additional features to suit the end user’s requirements are available in Joomla. The QR code can also be encoded with a URL and codes are generated very fast before each page loads. The data type that can be encoded in QR codes is of diverse types- current page URL, current website URL, custom URL, Youtube video, text, contact number, SMS, e- mail and Vcard. Some plugins also allow addition of JavaScript methods to determine the current page address and this is particularly useful if URL has been shortened and QR code hasn’t been generated properly.


Art QR Code
Page QR-Code
QRCode Plant
QR Plug
Smart QR
QR Code Elite
Amplify QR Code
Fixed Vertical QR Code Display
Adamka QR Code
Slide QR Code
QR Code Friendly
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