Plugins to Enhance search performance on Magento site

in CMS,Magento, - July 5, 2014

The Magento ecommerce platform is used by thousands of companies to ensure satisfactory shopping. When it comes to ecommerce site the relevancy of a search engine is a key factor to ensure its reputation. Many third party developers offer effective and state of the art search engine to make sure your Magento ecommerce site is in top form always.  These search plugins come with cross browser compatibility and vibrant colour schemes which will help to keep your attractive website according to your tastes. One of the main objectives of these extensions is to narrow down the search items and focus on relativity to get the top most choices for your customers. This helps in easy shopping and saves time.


 These extensions are easy to install and most are free, you can download them from many free plugin website online. Few of these extensions also offer Google style word checks “did you mean?” this helps in correcting misspells and adds even more relevancy to the search. These search plugins are very reliable and most offer fast results without any problems.  The view is customizable with many offering list or grid feature with full product description, so you can choose which one you like and think is more efficient. With these premium plugins your Magento ecommerce site will ensure that the customers get a hassle free and fast shopping experience. Few of the best plugins available are Ajax Search and Autocomplete and Better Store Search.  Try these top class Magento plugins for searching today and get to know the difference.

Catalog Search Refinement FREE
Xj Catalog Search
Blast Lucene Search
Better Store Search
Serp editor
TheFind Feed
Ajax AutoSearch for Magento
GoMage Feed Pro v.3.3
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