Best Sitemap Plugins for Drupal

in CMS,Drupal, - August 27, 2014

Creating a sitemap for your Drupal empowered web project is an integral activity, and you can ensure that your website’s sitemap is generated with the most amazing results by relying upon one of the several top class sitemap plugins for Drupal. The sitemaps created by these plugins conform in every sense to the guidelines established for sitemaps’ standards, thus ensuring that you get the expected results. This ensures that you are able to get a quality and compliant sitemap without having to trouble yourself or spending unnecessary hours on the same.


Most premium sitemap plugins for Drupal automatically submit the generated sitemap to search engines. In addition to the basic features, premium plugins for generating sitemap for Drupal websites can be used to play around with the design and outlook of the sitemap. Not only can website admins experiment with the color, shapes, drop downs and ordering of the content elements and posts showcased on your sitemap, but can also add information relevant for SEO, such as frequency of post updates, last update timestamp and importance of the page.  With additional features such as XML validation of the sitemap, these plugins truly make your website’s sitemap effective.

Site map
XML sitemap
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