Best Wiki Plugins for WordPress

in CMS,WordPress, - July 28, 2014

When you want to power your wordpress site with the features of MediaWiki and a lot more, Wiki plugins for wordpress are just what you need. Transform your website into an influential and easy to use site with these free wiki plugins that will allow you to create as many wikis as you like, that too without any hassles. Using these premium plugins, you have complete control over front- end editing and the wikis you create work well with any theme. The simple editing functionalities make these plugins all the more user- friendly and that’s not all; they allow for image and video integration as well.


With out of the box style, the user friendly interface makes you edit from the front end of your site without having to take the trouble to go into the wordpress backend. The best thing about these plugins is that you can manage all your wikis from one place using a comprehensive tab by working from the dashboard. The backend, too, is equally easy to use and you will find that creating a wiki is as easy as creating a post. The top plugins are designed to be compatible with the latest version of wordpress and are completely hassle- free, so you do not have to struggle with anything that’s broken or poorly coded. Install these easy to use plugins and get content straight from Wikipedia or any Media Wiki website. Make it easier for your users by using a localized version of Wikipedia.

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