Best WordPress Plugins – A Complete Guide

in CMS,WordPress, - December 17, 2014


WordPress is the hottest and the most easy to use Web publishing platform. It is undoubtedly the most used as well. It has bloomed since its launch in 2003 by virtue of its widely ranging plugin ecosystem which astronomically increases its already meticulous content management capabilities. There are hundreds of plugins to choose from, that expand the base of WordPress’s actions and potentials.

WordPress Plugins

There are scores of good plugins hiding inside a vast ocean of plugins and extensions for WordPress. There are plugins for every aspect a web developer might recognize, which include plugins for performance and backup, security plugins, social media plugins, media plugins, podcast plugins, so on and so forth. These plugins help in extending the functionality of your basic WordPress templates and websites. There are plugins for your simple page cache needs which make static HTML pages and save you from generating a new one each time. There are website relocation plugins which save tons of work that is otherwise required while moving an entire website from one location to another. In short, these plugins help to save work, time and increases speed and accuracy.


How to install WordPress Plugin Tutorial

Although one may seem at loss with the task of installing plugins, let us assure you that installation of plugins for WordPress is possibly one of the easiest tasks you could do. Nonetheless, here is a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process.


From the WordPress Plugins Repository

1. Make sure you are the admin of your website to view the Admin Panel Search option which will take you to the plugins section.

2. Once you are logged in, click on the Plugins option on the side panel, which will give you a list of the plugins installed for your site including the default plugins.

3. Here you can go to the top of the page and click on the “Add New” option to add new plugin(s).

4. Under the Add New sections you will find the Search section (which is also the default section, unless specified otherwise). This allows you to search all kinds of plugins in the repository.

5. Check the author and the features to make sure you have what you want. Once you are sure you do, simply click on Install; which will then tell you if your plugin installation was a success or failure.

6. Then just click on “Activate” to activate the recently installed plugin.


Install Manually From the computer

1. If you have your own purchased plugin in your computer just click on the “Add New” section as before.

2. Click on “Upload”, to upload your file from your computer to your website.

3. Then click on “Install”.
4. Next step is to activate your plugin since by default all uploaded plugins are inactive.


Install Using a FTP client

1. Unzip you plugin first to upload it from your computer to your website.
2. Click on the plugins folder, where you want to upload your file. You can right click on the file and select “Upload” or you can simply drag the file from your computer to the white space on the right.

3. You can view your new plugin in the “Plugin section”.
4. All uploaded plugins sit inactive by default, so click on “Activate” to enjoy the perks of your new plugin.


How to Choose Best WordPress Plugins

Before installing a plugin it is very important for you to know what you exactly want your plugin to do. It is always better if you create a checklist of functions you want your plugin(s) to perform. The next step is conducting a successful search. The WordPress plugin directory is the best place to start searching as it contains all the verified plugins which are used by WordPress websites. It has scores of plugins, which is great from a user’s point of view, but this does make it a little difficult to weed out the lemons. For a complete search do not forget to complement your search with Google Search.

You can simply start searching in the ‘Most Popular’, ‘Featured’ or ‘Latest’ categories. The most convenient part about running a search in WordPress repository is the search results are shown in an order of relevance by default. You can change the sorting to “Newest”, “Highest rated” or “Most Popular” according to your need.


Do not forget to compare the features of multiple plugins in the same category before installing. One plugins might not suffice your requirements, but quality of plugins does matter when it comes to WordPress websites. You can also judge the plugins by their ratings as well as reviews. You can test a plugin before buying and installing from other sources; it is also crucial because the compatibility of a plugin may become an issue if it does not come from the WordPress plugin repository. Each plugin comes with its FAQ and notes section which gives a fair idea about their realm of actions and compatibility.


Must have Free WordPress Plugins

A minimal WordPress template is simply not enough to fend off competitors and find a secure fan-base in today’s market. There are a few kinds of plugins each WordPress site must have which will unequivocally expand its field of functionality.
The most essential plugins for every site has to be anti-spam plugins, they are mostly advanced hosted which have the capability of analyzing masses of data from millions of sites and communities real time to screen out spam from real useful data. It might sound futuristic, but these plugins have the ability to evolve each day based on the nature of evolving data and hence save you tons of work going through useless trash forwarded your way. The next in the must have list has to be SEO plugins; whether or not you are a Search Engine Optimization genius these plugins make your task a lot easier. Leave all the meta-data handling and other SEO chores to these plugins to be executed perfectly. There are comment system plugins, which come with their own filtering system and coupled with anti-spam plugins function smoothly steer all the useless comments away while keeping your fans close to your website and posts.


  • Akismet

    Check your comments with the help of Akismet and filter spam comments
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast

    Helps you to prepare best content for the search engines.
  • W3 Total Cache

    Optimize web Performance using browser, Page, Object Caching
  • iThemes Security formerly Better WP Security

    Scans your wordpress site in more than 30 security ways
  • Duplicator

    Helps you to create, move, Clone, Duplicate entire site.
  • Relevanssi

    Upgrade search function of your wordpress site with more relevancy signals
  • AddToAny

    Increase your social pressense and build social network
  • WP Smush it

    Reduce Image file sizes and increase loading speed
  • Contact Form 7

    Adds simple contact form to your wordpress site in simple steps
  • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

    Display related posts of your site based on the powerful relevancy algorithm
  • WP DBManager

    Optimize and repair database with extended features
  • Broken Link Checker

    Checks your site for broken links and images and reports you to update


Best SEO and Social Media Plugins Infographic

  • Best SEO and Social Media Plugins


Let us find out more about the functions of these plugins in detail in the following section.


Membership Plugins – Have a Best Membership Site

WordPress Membership Plugins – they come equipped with contact forms and sometimes integrated payment pathways which help you to convert your simple WordPress site to a membership site. It can be customized to offer resources, forums, downloads, videos and much more. Your site can distinguish between members and guests and offer separate services based on visitor status. Each member is given a unique login-id and password. They have distinct membership levels and subscription levels for the members along with the ability to create separate groups, forums, blogs and much more.

  • Membership

    Free and Premium ($19) Available
    Add Reccurring payments, drip content, Mutli-tier Subscription to your membership site.
  • MemberWing

    Free and Pro ($89.95) versions Available
    Simple and easy to use plugin which allows multiple users and levels
  • Paid Memberships Pro

    Free and Pro ($97)
    Manage Subscriptions according to payments and enable viewing you e-learning sources to limited people
  • MemberPress

    Starts from $99
    Accept payments and sell your digital products securely
  • WP Member

    Unlimited membership levels with flexible subscription packages
  • User Profiles Made Easy

    Enable Registration, Login and give beautiful profiles to your users



SEO Plugins – Boost Your Organic Traffic

SEO plugins- they pride themselves with optimized XML support and Google Analytics support. They can fine-tune page navigational links. SEO plugins are a must have for all WordPress sites to optimize the sites for search engines like Firefox, Google Chrome, IE etc. For e-commerce websites there are special SEO plugin packs, tailor-made to provide a certain level of security. Moreover you can trust these WordPress SEO Plugins to generate META tags automatically along with unending support for CMS-style WordPress plugins. They help in avoiding duplicate content generation which is a typical problem of WordPress blogs and websites.

  • WordPress SEO

    Free and Premium Starts @ $89
    Trending SEO Plugin which with redirection, integration with webmaster tools and many more.
  • All in one SEO Pack

    Free and Pro ($39)
    Most popular SEO Plugin to control what displays in search engines.
  • SEOPressor

    Starts @ $47
    Perfect Keyword decoration, fine link tuning, updating Meta info and more.
  • Premium SEO Pack

    $ 39
    One Plugin with 22 important SEO Features
  • Infinite SEO

    Multisite and Buddypress compatibiliity with complete Moz Integration

    Optimizes content based on the target keywords



Ecommerce Plugins – Increase Your Sales

WordPress Ecommerce Plugins – ecommerce plugin is a broad based term which is used to describe mostly all the plugins that pertain to marketing, presentation and pricing in ecommerce websites. They include gallery functions, slider functions, easy one-click to cart functions, single page checkout options and much more. They are mostly characterized by catalog management abilities, SEO –ready features, cross-browser compatibility and a plethora of payment options. They offer revolutionized shopping experience for the regular or occasional online shoppers.

  • Wp eCommerce

    Convert visitors into customers with all in one ecommerce plugin
  • WooCommerce - excelling eCommerce

    Smart Dashboard widgets, Turn your wordpress site into ecommerce store
  • MarketPress eCommerce

    $ 19
    Accept payments from multiple gateways, Works great for selling digital objects
  • MiwoShop

    Free and Pro Starts @ $59
    Great admin interface that allows admin to customize wordpress store according to the needs
  • Display Product - Multi-Layout

    $ 18
    Display Featured products on home page and other pages to boost particular product sales
  • WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing

    Create mutliple pricing rules, Give discounts, Manage shopping Cart and more



Social Media Plugins – Build your Social Network

WordPress Social Media Plugins – these are extremely important if popularity is a necessity for your web store or blog. They have the power to integrate powerful and popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flicker into your WordPress site. Each item on your website can be linked to easy social widgets which offer one click posting to one’s wall/page. These widgets come in various shapes, sizes and also colors to harmonize with your layout and hues. They can be positioned according to the admin’s convenience and can be used to represent an entire webpage or an individual post/product per page.

  • Smart Website Tools by AddThis

    Allows users to share your wordpress content to more than 330 social networking sites.
  • Share Buttons by AddToAny

    Add social share counters to your wordpress website and boost your social traffic
  • Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

    Add beautiful social icons to your wordpress site with more than 20 social network support
  • WP Symposium

    Great compatibility with wordpress themes, and easy to configure shortcodes
  • SocialWiggle Pro

    Starts from $6
    Allow your users to share content in 25 popular social networking sites
  • Floating Social

    Get Floating Social bar which matches your Wordpress Theme



Security Plugins – Protect Yourself

Security Plugins- these plugins provide a wholesome sense of security and protection to your WordPress website. Employing these WordPress Security Plugins means unhindered access to user accounts security; this plugin will instantly notify in case two users have the same loginID and display names. The password length and strength can also be monitored by these plugins. The Login Lockdown feature inherent to certain security plugins protects against Brute Force Login Attacks. There are hundreds of such safety features which can be infallibly implemented by these plugins which are ubiquitous for every website.

  • Akismet

    Free and Pro Starts @ $5 /Month
    Filters spam comments and protects your site from spammers
  • Wordfence

    Free and Pro ($26 per year)
    Protects your site from attackers and also helps attacked sites to recover.
  • iThemes Security

    Free and Pro (Starts from $80)
    Gives you suggestions which enhances the site security and prevents it from spammers
  • BulletProof Security

    Free and Pro ($ 59.95)
    Monitors files and database for errors and protects from unauthorized login etc.,
  • All In One WP Security & Firewall

    Enable firewall that filters all spam which can cause damage to the site
  • Security Ninja

    $ 11
    Perfomrs 35+ Security checks on your wordpress site and ensures site security


Calendar Plugins – Plan and Organize Events

WordPress Calendar Plugins are of various natures. They include calendars with separate holidays for each nation or an integrated holiday calendar which shows all major events and holidays across the world, which is extremely necessary for an ecommerce website which has transcended national boundaries. Some of these calendar plugins come with notes/ reminder features which make sure that as an admin you do not miss out important events scheduled. They can be customized to contain templates for event output and editable CSS sytes and JavaScript behaviors.

  • The Events Calendar

    Create and manage events, supports google maps and event taxonomies
  • Spider Calendar

    Free and Pro (Starts @ $20)
    HIghly configurable and allows you to manage multiple events
  • FT Calendar

    $ 39
    Support Multiple calendars, Recurring Events and Custom post Types
  • Events +

    Manage your social calendar directly from your wordpress dashboard
  • All-in-One Event Calendar

    Free and Pro (Starts @ $99)
    Calendar with different styles and color coded categories.
  • Sugar Event Calendar

    Starts at $18
    Simple event management with Ajax enabled calendar view



Survey Plugins – Create and Manage Surveys

WordPress Survey Plugins – employ these plugins to get accurate feedback to your blog or your products. There are plugins which allow users to create quizzes and polls which can be hosted on their WordPress sites. There can be unlimited quizzes in the form of MCQs, polls and surveys which will help the admin gauge the user response accurately. One can couple these plugins with analytical tools to keep a tab on number of visitors and the time of rising and ebbing footfalls.

  • WP Form Builder Feedback

    $ 28
    Collect Feedback, Organize surveys, host quizzes directly from your wordpress blog
  • Gravity Forms Survey Add-On

    Stats from $ 39
    Interast with your wordpress site users and ensure customer saticifaction.
  • Survey Funnel

    Starts from $67
    Highly customization survey templates with great graphic files



Gallery and Slider Plugins – Get an Amazing View 

WordPress Gallery and Slider Plugins – For anybody managing a photography or fashion blog or an ecommerce site, the necessity of a powerful Gallery and Slider Plugin can simply not be ignored. They come with sortable galleries which are of different, customizable formats. The sliders allow display of selected products of pictures as header images to a story or page. Each image can have its own contents area with a minute description of each. A primary requirement for all gallery and slider plugins nowadays is increased support for high resolution images and hover zoom.

  • NextGEN Gallery

    Free and Pro (starts at $47)
    Fully responsive designs, Create galleries, Albums and Pro lighbox etc.,
  • Wow Slider

    Free and Pro (Starts at $69)
    HIghly compatible, Easy to create and embed options

    $ 17
    Create beautiful slider with More than 200 slide transitions, 13 skins and 3 Navigation types.
  • Gallery

    Simple gallery plugin allows you to add Hq images and displays them in a beautiful gallery.
  • Envira Gallery

    Starts from $19
    Customize your gallery easily with inbuilt themes,
  • FooGallery

    Unlimited customization options with inbuilt beautiful gallery themes



Form Plugins – Get in touch with customers

WordPress Form Plugins are required for websites which need customer interactions, like ecommerce websites or survey websites. These forms are mainly contact/user forms or sometimes feedback forms which are extremely customizable. They can have radio buttons or checkboxes which makes it easier for the users to fill in details. These forms are undoubtedly responsive too and can detect unfilled mandatory fields. They are light-weight and are compatible with most WordPress versions. They are mostly HTML coded and are hence very easy to manipulate and edit.

  • Visual Form Builder Pro

    Starts at $29
    Simple, Easy to use, Fully functional Form Builder Plugin
  • Formidable Pro

    Free and Pro (Starts at $47)
    Create beautiful forms with Drag and Drop feature and simple layout classes
  • Contact Form 7

    Simple contact form plugin gives you ability to add contact form to different pages of your site



Menu Plugins – Create Proper Navigation

Menu Plugins- if you want to add mega drop down menus to your WordPress site then the WordPress Menu Plugins are what you have been looking for this far. They come fully equipped with Menu title, Menu Title Image, Button Title and Image. These are separate options for Menu fonts, line and text colors for menu hierarchy, menu button background color and hover color and of course much more. It adds exciting flavors to your WordPress websites be it a minimalist blog or a web store. These plugins are needless to say, fully responsive and do not cause your website to drag by virtue of their light weight.

  • CSS Menu Maker.

    $ 19
    Build beautiful and Dynamic Navigation to different posts and pages
  • WP Mega Menu

    $ 18
    Create beautiful menu layouts Columns, tabs, rows, images, icons, maps, forms & mor
  • Wordpress Dynamic Menu Plugin

    Dynamic menu items, Supports sub menus and different filters
  • Mega Main Menu

    $ 14
    10+ drop down styles with unlimited colors and 600+ google fonts
  • Responsive Select Menu

    A complete mobile ready responsive menu. Works great with touch screens
  • Conditional Menus

    Allows you to add different menus for different posts and pages



Forum Plugins – Start Conversations with Your Customers

WordPress Forum Plugins – quite necessary if you want faithful feedback from your flowers and buyers, these plugins allow you to create forums inside your website. These forums are open to the members of your website who can post comments or hold discussions about your products or your posts on a regular basis. The content of the posts can be screened for spam and objectionable content as well. As the admin you can have complete control over what is posted on your website and also the right to reply to the posts.

  • bbPress

    Easy forum setup and maintenance for your wordpress blog
  • Vanilla Forums

    Free and Pro (Starts from $ 199)
    Easy to configure forum community which suits your requirement
  • Powerful Questions and Answers

    Free and Pro (Starts from $29)
    Easily publish mobile responsive questions and answers



Search Plugins – Add more Search Filters

WordPress Search Plugins – WordPress websites are capable of supporting live search options, all you will require is a simple search plugins compatible with your version of WordPress. These search options can integrate Google search with your website and provide a complete result to the seeker. The search results can be displayed according to relevance or other parameters as selected. Individual products or product ranges/categories can be searched by using the search option of a plugin enabled website.

  • Yolink Optimized Search

    Free and Pro ($60 per year)
    Gives you accurate results first and then based on relevancy
  • SearchWP

    $ 49
    Give you highly customizable results by considering Categories, Tags, Short codes etc.,
  • Search Everything

    Configure your search functionality with excerpts, attachments, drafts, comments, tags and custom fields (metadata)
  • WordPress Sphinx Search Plugin

    Enable search for posts, pages and comments using flexible search syntax.
  • FacetWP

    $ 39
    Add Category wise filtering search to your wordpress site
  • Swiftype for WordPress

    Have total control on design and search results, Configure search function according to your requirement



Poll Plugins – Have opinion Polls

Poll and survey – Nothing beats a continual improvement approach to web administration. That’s what WordPress Poll Plugins bring to the table, boasting of capabilities like helping you create dynamic surveys with all kinds of questions and fields, automatic reporting of compiled results, publishing of charts and graphs on web pages, and sending personalized survey invitations to members. Leverage these poll and survey plugins to share short URL to your web survey and elicit value adding feedback and responses from your website viewers.

  • YOP Poll

    Simple to setup polls, and Manage your polls directly from your wordpress dashboard
  • WP-Polls

    Useful templates and Configure options lets you create polls which meets your needs
  • WordPress Easy Polling Plugin

    $ 14
    Adds quick poll bar to your wordpress website and gives your beautiful animated graphics with multiple colors



Table Plugins – Sort your Data

Table Plugins- now you can use an easy CSV format to create tables in your post, blog or page. WordPress Table Plugins are easy to manipulate and demand no advanced skill sets. You can display content in these tables and link them to social media widgets as well. They come with sortable columns and fancy designs which can jazz up your website without competition. The contents may include HTML codes or simple text and even images. You can even integrate a search option within a table if it is particularly rich in contents.

  • TablePress

  • Easy Table

    Create tables in posts, Pages or in widgets.
  • WP Data Tables

    $ 28
    Gives freedom to the user to sort according to his requirement, and simple to use for admin


Media Plugins – Better Media library Management

WordPress Media Management Plugins– these are almost indispensible in today’s cut throat, competitive market. The integration of videos, audio files along with high quality images and presentations give an edge to a website. It is especially necessary for music bloggers or movie-reviewer websites and also ecommerce websites which thrive on fashion updates. Even for graphic designer’s websites this is a very necessary category of plugins. They support high resolution files and formats, especially up to a couple of hundreds of Mb.

  • Media Manager Plus

    Starts from $ 29
    Upgrade your media library with support of third party services like Flickr, Instagram, etc.,
  • Easy Media Gallery

    Display various media like Grid gallery, Video Albums, Music albums etc.,
  • Media Library Assistant

    Powerful media library which supports taxonomy and pdf processing etc.,



Affiliate Plugins – Increase Referral Traffic and Sales

Affiliate Plugins- if you are looking for all the necessary tools to maintain an Affiliate Marketing Program then look no further. The WordPress plugin directory has a selection of exclusive WordPress Affiliate Plugins with affiliate systems for sellers, shops and memberships which make administering a web-store a whole lot easier. Most of these affiliate plugins come free integration shortcodes which provides hasslefree integration with WooCommerce, JigoShop, WP eStore and much more. To manage these affiliate plugins better one must turn to affiliate manager plugins which conducts real-time reporting of unlimited affiliates.



Podcast Plugins – Play Music, Videos, Tv Shows

Podcast Plugins- for running blogs as well as online stores it is necessary to install Podcast plugins to your basic website. They can integrate media players with full iTunes support to your website. WordPress Podcast Plugins can be used to post media content above or below your post content. You can add video embeds from YouTube, and without any hassle. The podcast plugins can be customized to integrate your website with Blubrry’s Services as well.

  • Series Engine Podcast

    Starts at $99
    Supports Audio and video sermon archives plus podcasting
  • Buzzsprout

    Free and Pro (Starts at $12)
    Adds new option to your backend which helps you to include short codes
  • Podcasting Plugin by TSG

    Use any media files from the internet with simple short codes



Redirect Plugins – Show data as per customer requirement

WordPress Redirect Plugins – this is the best plugin to monitor 404 errors and map them to 301 redirects. Using these plugins gives you full access to complete logs for all redirected URLs except the ones which do not exist. The 301 redirection can be added when a post’s URL changes either automatically or manually along with 302 and 307 redirections as well. One can expect multiple language support for the redirection notice based on regional preferences.

  • Redirection

    Mange 301 redirects and keep an eye on 404 error urls
  • Login Redirect

    $ 19
    Redirect users to your featured page after logging out from your site
  • RedirectPlus

    $ 11
    Detects users devices and gives results mobile views to the users



Backup Plugins – Secure your Data

WordPress Backup Plugins – these come in extremely handy while relocating complete websites. No more worries about misplaced or lost content, simply store all your data in zip or mysqldump formats for faster backing up and restoring processes. They work equally impeccably on Linux and Windows servers. Moreover there are options which allow you to select certain backed up filed to be directly emailed to you on the email address provided. They mostly use FTP servers, Dropbox, S3 services, MS Azure, SugarSync etc to store the backed up files.

  • UpdraftPlus Backup

    Free and Pro ( Starts @ $70 )
    Reliable and Proven backups with restore and cloning support
  • Snapshot

    $ 19
    Create snapshots of your total wordpress site, Store them in secure place and restore whenever it is needed.
  • myEASYbackup

    Gives you ability to upload data to your servers
  • MainWP Remote Backups Extension

    Backup your data into your prefered account like Dropbox Amazon S3 FTP.
  • Backup. Clone. Protect.

    Backup and protect your site database in simple steps
  • WordPress Backup to Dropbox

    Automatically backup your entire site into your drop box account.



Auction Plugins – Sell Products at Best Price

Auction Plugins- a very interesting addition to all ecommerce websites who want to upgrade to a bidding site. These WordPress Auction Plugins introduce the proxy bidding feature. The admin can charge a Listing fee for posting the auctions and a commission fee as well on the final bidding price. The auctions can be categorized on different basis and the website can be automatically integrated to trustworthy payment gateways. Bulk import and widget features are added bonuses which come with these auction plugins.

  • WP Auctions

    Free and Pro (Starts at $39)
    Supports users restriction and has 3 seperate bidding engines.
  • Ultimate WordPress Auction Pro

    Starts from $79
    Take commissions and charge listing payments and more, Keep track of money flow.
  • Auction Plugin for WordPress

    $ 28
    Host auctions and set limits directly from your wordpress site



Email and Newsletter Plugins – Keep your Customers Updated 

Email and newsletter plugins- any ecommerce website would be interested to keep its visitors and customers updated about the discounts, sales and promotional offers. WordPress Email and newsletter Plugins can categorize customers and their info on the basis of priorities. Separate consumer groups can be sent separate emails and newsletters informing them about their exclusive deals. These plugins can be so customized that they can send out special invites and emails on special dates and occasions. Importing and exporting email addresses are an integral part of these plugins.

  • MailPoet Newsletters

    Send newsletters, and set Auto reposnders, Post Notifications etc.,
  • e-Newsletter

    Send Proffessional emails and manage your subscribers directly from your wordpress dashboard
  • WordPress Newsletter Plugin

    Starts from $59.99
    Supports multiple mailing lists, Queuing and scheduling emails, etc.,



Portfolio Plugins – Create Custom Portfolios

WordPress Portfolio Plugins – bloggers as well as other website admins now show considerable interest in this category of plugins which allow you to generate a page dedicated to information about your past projects. You can create a template with page navigation to display the items as well as changing image size and the content in each row. The customizability of these plugins allows a sense of personal touch to seep into each individual portfolio, such that not one is similar to the other.

  • Wordpress Portfolio Gallery

    Free and Pro (Start at $30)
    Create various portfolios with great animation effects
  • Wordpress Responsive Portfolio

    CSS and jQuery techniques lets you to have
  • Portfolio

    Create unique pages by displaying portfolio items of your featured content



Popup Plugins – Design Beautiful Popups

WordPress Popup Plugins – these plugins allow the admin to design pop-ups from a known intuitive interface which can be displayed across the entire network or specific URLs only. They can be designed to be responsive, which means they look good on every device. These clean, sophisticated and well-designed pop-ups can be set to appear based on time or location or CSS markers. The pop-up notifications can vary based on the location of the client. The admin has full control over who sees the pop-ups including logged out users and first-time visitors.

  • Pippity

    Starts from $49
    18 Stunning themes lets you create a beautiful popup to engage your customers
  • Indeed Smart PopUp for WordPress

    $ 17
    Smart Targetting, restrict your audience and Show popup on a certain time.
  • PopupAlly

    Comes up with easy to use features and beautiful themes which holds your users for long time



RSS Feed Plugins – Import and Export Data

WordPress RSS feed plugins – these plugins are extremely powerful and can support images added to the HTML part of the RSS feed. Source signature can also be easily added by virtue of the flexible coding which allows the plugins to have amicable interfaces. The feeds can be imported from verified sites. The full contents of the articles can be displayed in the space. The number of posts and categories can be set per feed along with the specified author source.

  • RSS Importer

    Import posts to your wordpress site using RSS Feed
  • Ditty RSS Ticker

    Multi-functional RSS Feed plugin allows you to add multiple Feeds.
  • Super RSS Reader

    Allows admin to add multiple RSS feeds within a single widget, and customizable ticker speed



Cache Plugins – Boost Your Site Loading Speed

Cache Plugin- most of these advanced WordPress Cache Plugins are compatible to shared hosting, dedicated servers and virtual servers as well. They show mobile support while caching pages, posts, CSS and JavaScript in memory, dick or CDN. They also display browser caching and minification of posts, pages, feeds, and inline/ embedded and 3rd party JavaScript. These plugins are employed to improve the web performance optimization of WordPress websites by caching. They can integrate non-blocking JavaScript embedding along with WP-CLI support for cache purging, query string updating etc.

  • Wp Rocket

    Starts from $39
    Created ultra fast load time and helps you to improve in search results
  • W3 Total Cache

    Easy Web Performance Optimization using Browser cache, Page cache etc.,
  • Fresh Performance Cache

    $ 20
    Uses gzip compression which boost your wordpress site loading speed.