Bootstrap Plugins to Get most out of Your Favourite Framework

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Bootstrap – Responsive Front end Framework

Bootstrap is the latest, most popular, and fastest growing development framework used for creating websites as well as applications on the World Wide Web. The setup is available for free for download and lets you create web designs for various interfaces built through CSS and HTML. It was conceived by those involved in the creation of Twitter, but is today the heartthrob of every developer.

Bootstrap Plugins and Extensions

Extensions for Bootstrap are plenty in number. Most are free and enhance the capabilities of the platform, while some are available at premium prices and offer benefits not easily found among the free plugins. Functions range from aesthetic changes to changes in how the interface operates. Modules are mostly based on JavaScript.

How to Install Bootstrap Video Tutorial

Bootstrap is a user-friendly software that allows users to quickly become familiar with it. It offers three options of downloading it. The basic option is the easiest to understand, the other two being suitable for more experienced users. The difference between the first and the latter two are that the latter offer greater fine-tuning of the software, at the price of knowing what one is doing.

After the download of a version of Bootstrap, one shall need to get the Source Code, in case they did not download the one that already has it.

The final step of the process is the formation of a template using HTML format. A text editor such as Notepad is required and a few lines of codes must be typed into the editor.

Bootstrap Development Tools

There are a number of tools for the further development of Bootstrap that allows for efficient creation of websites and online applications. Several Bootstrap editors and builders are available online, some of the best offering functions such as automated coding that otherwise requires manual input and easier manipulation of the Bootstrap interface to enable quicker selection of those parts one wishes to use.



  • Pinegrow Web Editor

  • Static Web Hosting for Developer

  • LayoutIt

  • Bootstrap Editor and Builder


Bootstrap UI Extensions

UI plugins offer a wide variety of uses such as changing the font one uses for the software, adding buttons for social networks, deciding how the forms and buttons used in Bootstrap will look and a whole host of visual changes to how Bootstrap looks, leading to ease of use. Bootstrap Jquery UI modules are capable of such functions.


Bootstrap Form Plugins

Form extensions allow users of Bootstrap to create a form for various purposes and integrate that into the website they are creating. The forms may be fully customized using these extensions. The extensions create form fields within which the website’s users may input data.


Bootstrap Table Plugins

Tables may be required for arranging all sorts of data and these addons help the user to create tables in the website they are developing using Bootstrap. The most common way to integrate a table is through the use of JQuery plugins, and Lightbox effects may be added or a modal window may be made to accommodate the table.


Bootstrap Menu & Navigation Plugins

In order to traverse websites created by Bootstrap easily, there are extensions that allow the presence of a navigation bar or a sidebar that can be used. There are fully customizable addons for creating menus of various types like dropdown menus, horizontal and vertical menus, and menus specifically for navigation.


Bootstrap Notification Plugins

Among the extensions that add notifications to Bootstrap, are JQuery plugins that allow the creation of notifications or JavaScript addons that enable users to make notifications easily. These Bootstrap notifications may appear as notification badge or notification bubble. The area where the notification will appear may be specified, along with the sound, if any.


Bootstrap Modal Plugins

A modal plugin basically allows the creation of modal, or child windows that are generated by specific actions on the main window. Examples are prompt screens that ask if users would like to save their works, or leave the window in the middle of an operation. JavaScript is an excellent addon for creating modal plugins. Bootstrap modal dialog can be created by using these modules.


Bootstrap Gallery and Lightbox

Bootstrap allows the user to create picture galleries for the ease of viewing multiple images altogether. Its basic functions serve to create a gallery and extensions enhance these capabilities, adding such effects as Lightbox that then may be used to modify the way the picture gallery is presented. They can be made responsive or of the standard kind.


Bootstrap Date and Time

There are several plugins that allow the integration of a date and time picker using simple coding. These may then be used by the website to select the date and time. Bootstrap date format and time format are two things that are available for customization using modules.


Bootstrap Color Plugins

Through plugins created by JQuery or other sources, Bootstrap users may assign a particular color to a certain area like a field. There are several varieties of color addons for download, such as those that enable users to choose from a premade palette of over fifty colors or a scalable GPU that allows for all possible color variations.


Bootstrap Social Plugins

These extensions allow Bootstrap users to integrate social networking functions into their Bootstrap software. This includes options to place certain buttons leading to popular social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest or Instagram. A button such as the ‘Like’ button from Facebook may be integrated into the website to allow visitors to the site to ‘like’ things directly.


Bootstrap Calendar Plugins

Bootstrap calendar plugins allow the users to integrate a calendar into their websites for various purposes such as allowing the visitors to the site to pick a particular date or allowing the website to function based on the calendar itself. The extensions allow full editing of the calendar.


Bootstrap Pagination Plugins

These extensions basically enable the division of the website’s content into several pages, organizing them for ease of use and greater efficiency. JQuery plugins allow the pagination part of Bootstrap to be rendered properly. Also enables functions such as updating the process of pagination and notifications of any changes in status.


Bootstrap Media Player Plugins

Such extensions allow the integration of a media player into the website for various functions like streaming of videos and sounds. Nowadays a lot of websites incorporate various visual or auditory components into their functions and these plugins make this a possibility.


Bootstrap, while absolutely fully functional on its own, gets even better with JQuery and other types of plugins. These ensure a rich base of functions and availability of relevant technologies when creating websites.

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