10+ Free and Premium BuddyPress Plugins for WordPress

in CMS,WordPress, - July 17, 2014

Wish to add a social networking element to your WordPress website? Look no further than the amazing Buddypress plugins available solely for your WordPress sites. These plugins offer all the social networking tools to make sure you have the fun of social networking incorporated into your WordPress site. When installed on your WordPress website it provides the essential features required for members to interact with each other and create forums within a multi blogging platform. Buddypress is actually a series of plugins made to integrate social networking elements to your WordPress site. There are many types of different Buddypress plugins available online each with a distinct feature and usage.


These plugins include, private messaging, which is a Buddypress plugin with features that let you to interact with any member online on the same site. With these plugins you can make groups and have discussion based on your favourite topics. Member can also make groups and send invitation to any other member they want. You also get activity stream logs with these plugins. This records the activity of a single user or of every member regarding what they have been doing on your WordPress website. These premium features offered by the Buddypress plugins make sure that you have the best elements of social networking included in your WordPress site. Members can also make forums and have discussions with the help of these plugins. These plugins can be easily found and are free. With the top class features these numerous Buddypress plugins offer your website will have the professional look as well as the fun factors of social networking.

UserPro - User Profiles with Social Login
Advanced WordPress Email delivery
BuddyPress Group Email
BuddyPress Activity Plus
BoWoB Chat for WordPress
BuddyPress Group Calendar
BuddyPress Hide Widgets
BuddyPress Profiles Statistics
BuddyPress Social Polling Plugin
Ning To BuddyPress
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