9 Best Captcha Plugins for WordPress to stop Spam

in CMS,WordPress, - July 16, 2014

Captcha are a good way to reduce spam and keep your website clean from scammers or flooders. These captcha plugins allow you to implement a security captcha form into your web forms so that no computer generated content can be put on your website.  There are different types of captcha plugins available on the internet. First one is the normal type which shows an auto generated combination of numbers and text which the user will have to write in a box to verify he is human. You also get the option of using only text or numbers as your captcha or you can use both.This is the most common type of captcha plugin.


The second type is the one which verifies spam by using math logic. These include basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems for a higher level of security. You can maintain a top class website with high security if you use these plugins. These captcha plugins can be used for login, comments or even registration. These Captcha plugins for WordPress sites can be found for free online from many different websites. These are easy to install and offer a huge reduction in terms of spam. The premium features which these plugins offer ensure that you maintain a spam free website. These captcha plugins are very useful in public forums to reduce floods of auto generated comments. These captcha plugins are the best option when it comes to security against spammers and flooders.

WordPress Maths Captcha Protection
Comment Spam Pack
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Really Simple CAPTCHA
BotDetect WordPress CAPTCHA
Blue Captcha
Easy Captcha
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