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Chrome – Top, Simple, Secure Web Browser

Chrome is the premium browser from google, developed and designed to make the web experience more user friendly and fast. Apart from its state-of-the-art development framework, and nifty design details, the free web browser also offers its users extended functionalities via its exclusive addons and installable apps. Also the versatility of the browser combined with its secure network platforms delivers an overall better performance compared to any other browser as well. And the numerous extensions and plugins that can be added to the browser make the web experience fun too.



Google Chrome Extensions and Plugins

The exclusive google chrome extensions and plugins are the real heroes of the chrome success story. Allowing functionalities ranging from ad blocks to skin managers, chrome promises to deliver the best when it comes to functionality.  The most popular plugins can be found at the start page of the chrome web store and can be installed to your plugin manager by simply clicking on them. Toggle the sidebar options to find the most downloaded plugins to get the best catch.



Most Popular Chrome Extensions (Infographic)

  • Most Popular Chrome Extensions (infographic)


How to Install and Manage Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions are easy to install and work perfectly well regardless of the platform you’re using the browser in. Here we take a look at how to install and manage chrome extensions and how to set them up for a better browsing experience.

1. First launch your browser from the start menu or desktop shortcut, and navigate to the toolbar icon in the right corner. The icon will look something like an array of three parallel dashes.

How to install Chrome Plugins from web store Tutorial


How to install Third party Extensions Manually

2. Click on customize and control google chrome icon and find the more tools options.

3. Expand the tab and locate the extensions manager link. Here you will be able to view, manage and also install new extensions and addons.

4. At the bottom of the page, you will find a link tagged ‘Get more extensions’; click on the link to go to the chrome web store Or else directly go to Chrome Extensions Web Store


5. Once you’re in the chrome web store, make sure the extensions tab is highlighted on the left side panel. You can also choose to install plugins from the same panel too.

6. In the main page you will find a huge collection of plugins presented for you. Navigate through them and select the one you require by hovering the pointer over the extension tile and clicking the ‘+free’ button.

7. The installer will check for your browser configuration and see if the plugin is compatible with your current version of browser. If it’s incompatible, you can always update your browser or search for other plugins in the same category. Confirm your selection on choosing the plugin and click on install, and voila!


Extensions get updated all the time and may not perform as well as specified, so you always have to keep an eye on them. You can do this from the chrome extension manager window. Locate the installed plugin and read the diagnosis already specified by the browser. If it indicates that the extension has malfunctioned or is outdated, click on the update option provided or delete the plugin using the dumpster icon next to the plugin and install it new from the store. Also you can enable or disable the plugin by simply clicking on the check boxes next to them as well. Set the permission options for plugins using the options given below the extension.

Chrome Adblock Extensions

The Chrome adblock extensions help users to prevent annoying marketing banners and ad videos from popping up during browsing. Use the premium extensions to block ad banners, monitor and control spam cookies, prevent automatic streaming of ad videos, and even stop new windows from opening up for displaying the ads. Also the google chrome addons ad blocker extensions prevent ad videos in YouTube as well.



Chrome Security Extensions

Avoid falling prey to hack attacks with the best Chrome security extensions. The plugins automatically scan the webpage for you and warn of any potential threats in the page. Also you can manage the extensions to identify and detect virus attacks, unauthorized spying, and even sites that don’t possess a proper SSL certificate. The free security extensions manage the data being entered in forms and banking websites and provide secure encryption for increased resistance against hacking.

  • Avast Online Security

    10,000,000+ users

  • Avast Online Security

    10,000,000+ users

  • ZenMate Security & Privacy VPN

    1,844,581+ users




Chrome Accessibility Extensions

Download the premium Chrome accessibility extensions to gain complete control over your browser. Recover accidentally closed tabs, browse in incognito mode right from the same window, compress documents for quicker loading, enhance readability of web book formats, stream HD videos automatically, manage animation file streams, and even share links and webpages across devices for a streamlined browsing experience with the cool extensions.



Chrome Entertainment Extensions

Take the edge of a busy working with the free chrome entertainment extensions. The numerous plugins allow users to play games, doodle with a canvas, edit photos to caricatures, solve puzzles, stream funny videos and even chat with friends and colleagues right from the browser. Also download popular applications like YouTube, 9GAG, Flickr, Netflix and so on and enjoy streaming funny videos, GIF images and even complete movies.

  • TelevisionFanatic

    2,040,126+ users

  • GamingWonderland

    1,935,895+ users

  • Motitags

    867,956+ users




Chrome Social Extensions

Never miss a notification from social sites again using the Chrome social extensions. Integrate all your social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google plus+ and so on to your browser and receive notifications and updates right on your task bar. Also do a lot more with the premium addons as well such as save photos in one click, access private chats from the browser, allow background streaming of videos, and even integrate photo sharing on all accounts.




Chrome Tab Management Extensions

Control the way your tabs work with the Chrome tab management extensions. The plugins allow users to limit the number of tabs allowed to be open in a single window, control cookies from automatically launching new tabs, block tabs with ads and banners and even kill spam tabs automatically with ease. Also use the best extensions to mark important tabs and also pin them to the browser.



Chrome Productivity Extensions

Do more with your browser using the Chrome productivity extensions. The free addons allow users to perform a number of tasks such as remember passwords and important ids, keep track of events and schedules on a personalized calendar, allow one click email replies, take instant snapshots of webpages and even organize tabs and favorite pages. Also manage your CMS accounts and wordpress profile right from the browser as well.



Chrome News and Weather Extensions

Keep track of the world around you with the Chrome news and weather extensions. The addons let users to integrate the browser with popular news channels and obtain live news updates on the task bar.  Also learn about the weather outside, or keep on an eye on the stock market or even read through your favorite entertainment news channel updates without even having to download.

  • The Weather Channel for Chrome

    1,151,154+ users

  • RSS Subscription Extension

    1,010,943+ users

    By Google
  • Gismeteo

    742,255+ users




Chrome Media Management Extensions

Increase productivity and work effectively with the Chrome media management extensions. The premium plugins allow users to integrate and manage social media accounts, control the number of hours they spend of media sites such as YouTube, Facebook etc., and even accelerate image uploads and file transfers. Also download the free plugins to manage media in your CMS accounts as well.

  • Media Hint

    201,138+ users

  • Video Downloader professional

    1,527,169+ users

  • Media Keys

    Premium $2




Chrome Developer Tools Extensions

Get the developer in you working with the Chrome developer tools extensions. The developer extensions allow users to dab with scripting of pages, help with the design of new websites, manage and create content in CMS sites, and even keep track of visitors and statistics of the webpage with ease. Also download the premium addons to create stunning web interfaces too.

  • Awesome Screenshot

    1,382,446+ users

  • PageSpeed Insights

    453,148+ users

    by Google
  • Click&Clean

    1,075,917+ users




Chrome is not just an ordinary web browser but a powerful tool, that not just makes surfing fun and entertaining but productive as well with its numerous extensions and plugins.


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