15+ Chrome Plugins to enhance Reddit features

in Browser, - June 18, 2014

Reddit is a popular entertainment, social networking service and news website where text posts or direct links are posted by registered members. Google chrome has useful plugins to make your reddit browsing experience better. These plugins provide a group of enhancement tools that are exclusively for browsing Reddit. Some common features of these free plugins include inline image viewer that adds buttons to allow you to see images without having to leave the page, keyboard navigation that allows more efficient and easy browsing with keyboard shortcuts, uppers and downers that enable you to see the hidden vote totals, account switcher for switching between accounts easily, user tagger to keep a track of users and many more helpful features.

Chrome Plugins to enhance Reddit features

Use these free plugins to integrate reddit with your browser and vote, save and view comments on the posts, submit links and receive notifications and experience the best of Reddit. Some plugins provide you with premium functionalities like showing content of a reddit post in a box below the link when the mouse is hovered on its link. This feature is ideal for those who read lot of self subreddits. Similarly, another function of a few top plugins helps you save time by finding GIFs on Reddit and preloading them so that you do not need to waste time waiting. If you are interested in submitting a link, you can use a feature of these plugins to check whether the current URL you are on has been already submitted and if yes, you can directly go to the discussion section.

Reddit Enhancement Suite

Reddit Enhancement Suite

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Reddit Enhancement Suite
reddit companion
Reddit Hover Text
Open Reddit NSFW Links in Incognito
Reddit Infinite Scrolling
Shiny Reddit
Reddit Widget [ANTP]
Reddit Preload GIFs
Reddit PGN viewer
Reddit Check
Reddit Link Opener
synccit for reddit
Reddit Imager
Reddit Liquid Streams
Reddit Inline
reddit Moderator Toolbox
Reddit Anywhere
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