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in CMS,Concrete5, - May 28, 2015

There is no understating the need for online security in today’s world, and while Concrete5 Plugins provides the means for basic security for your content and sites, using security add-ons may be essential if you want wholesome protection for all of your content. From glitches and bugs that may make you lose your data beyond recovery to online attacks that attempt to access your sensitive data or take down your site, security add-ons are built to tackle myriad different threats.  Considering that most CMS are free and easy to use with publicly released change logs, it can be very easy to attack sites without adequate protections, which these plugins seek to provide.


Concrete5 Security Wall

Concrete5 Security Wall

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Enmesh your sites and content in layers of security

These Security extensions can protect you and your content in a number of ways, by providing layers of security that can be difficult to infiltrate. Backup and recovery modules can ensure that your data is never lost owing to any occasional error or glitch and that damaged content can be safely discarded, while other plugins can make your login pages or the login process itself more secure, adding heightened layers of identification and features like digital signatures. Certain modules can make your site editing more secure while others can simply enhance the security framework of your PHP based web sites and applications thus protecting them from hacker and phishing attacks and alerting you should any attacks or errors be detected.


NabTransact Redirect Gateway for Concrete5 -$22

NabTransact Redirect Gateway for Concrete5

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Do not take chances with your security

When it comes to web content, your security is paramount and it is best not to take chances. The extensive list at BestPlugins can suggest the best security addons to secure your C5 project.

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