5 Best Useful Contact form Plugins for Drupal

in CMS,Drupal, - August 7, 2014

Having a creative contact form on your website is an excellent way to establish communication with your customers. This way, you not only boost sales, but also receive valuable feedback for improving your products and services. Use these feedback forms to allow your clients to give you ideas and proposals for having an edge over the others in the business. The best thing about Contact form Plugins for Drupal is that they are designed for the amateur and still yield professional looking end- results. The top contact form plugins in use by most businesses are loaded with features that make creation of forms easy and hassle free.


With different color styles and themes that are offered by these premium plugins, you can choose the one that suits your website the best. These free plugins are completely configurable and come with a built-in captcha, i.e. the anti-spam system. In order to manage the received feedback messages and comments, there is a user friendly feedback administration interface. The plugin also facilitates the tracking of user information such as IP address, browser and operating system. You can also keep a track of the page title and URL from which the email was sent. The plugins have HTML and CSS3 support and are fully functional in all web browsers and can be accessed with full functionality in mobile devices as well. These plugins for Drupal are also suitable for multilingual sites as the forms can be translated easily without the need of additional components.

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Contact Forms
Creative Feedback Form with Voting System
Contact form fields
Working with the Contact form
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