7 Amazing Contact Form Plugins for Prestashop

in CMS,Prestashop, - August 11, 2014

If you have a website, what is it that helps you contact your customers directly? You can only contact your customers, if you have a database of all the customers that are linked to your business. But there is another way, where-in your customers can contact you. This way can be accomplished with the help of a contact form. Two way communications between customers and business enable business to develop a better customer relationship management and hence a better service can be provided the customers. Contact forms are one of the most basic ways in which customers communicate with businesses and it enables customers to offer suggestions, feedbacks, complaints, etc to the business.

contact-form-plugins (2)

Thus, contact form is certainly an important component for a website. With Contact from plugins from Prestashop, you can get a perfect contact form to help your customers communicate with you. These Contact form plugins from Prestashop, consist of all the basic fields like name, last name, email, and message. Additionally these Contact form plugins from Prestashop also consist of captcha security(Google Recaptcha). Contact form plugins from Prestashop are easy to download and one click installation helps website developers to create a contact form for the website in no time. There are many contact form plugins available for free and at trial/demo versions. Top premium contact form plugins offers customization options. Download the best contact form plugin from Prestashop and get started on the better customer relationship experience. Choose from a wide range of free to premium contact form plugin from Prestashop.

Simple contact form Module
Better contact form
Customizable ContactForm Module
Prestashop Ajax Contact Form
Ajax popup contact form Module
Contact Form Plus Module
Ajax Contact Form in Product page Module
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