9 Best Contact form plugins for WordPress

in CMS,WordPress, - August 6, 2014

Contact form plugins for WordPress allow you to add a feedback or contact form to a page on your wordpress site easily and in no time. These free plugins are designed for laymen who have practically no knowledge of coding. You only need to install the plugin and you have everything right there in front of you. The premium versions of these plugins have more advanced and useful features to cater to all types of business needs. The basic features of these plugins include addition of numerous custom fields and file attachments, choice of email ids where the response must be sent, change label when fields are displayed, no page reloads because of AJAX, instant notifications, easy intergration into any wordpress page on your site, improved anti spam protection to verify if user is human, best animation slides for thank you or success of form submission, error notifications in case of incomplete forms or invalid formats and many more.


As mentioned above, anti spam protection is a powerful and useful feature of the top contact form plugins. (CAPTCHA is used to prevent spam and ensure verification). The plugins also give a fresh and peppy look to your contact form page with their modern and sleek animations and a range of inbuilt themes to choose from. They are 100% responsive and have obvious benefits such as increasing your connection with the visitors on your site, thereby enhancing sale of your products or services and generating more clients.

Ninja Kick: WordPress Contact Form
AJAX Contact Forms (for WordPress)
Contact Widget
Usernoise Pro Modal Feedback & Contact form
Wordpress Ajax Contact Form with attachments 2.0
Contact Form 7
Fast Secure Contact Form
Contact Form
Slick Contact Forms
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