Corel Painter Plugins for Stunning designs

in Software, - May 6, 2015

Free and Premium Color Painter Plugins

Unleash the complete core functionalities and use the latest Corel Painter Plugins for Stunning designs with your Corel paint files. Add multiple layers and split unique application filters, add 3D effects to photos and images, and even include surreal textures to your work with the interactive plugin options. Completely compatible even with the latest PainterX3 version, the plugins self-install with the platform and can be instantly made available on the interface. Add specific camera suite plugins to synchronize your fresh photos with the Corel Painter application instantly. Choose from thousands of color filters and induce almost infinite FX combination on images; add intelligent masks to close up images and remove photo blurs and eliminate other undesired effects on photos instantly using the plugins.


Add realistic texture effects, and bring your photos to life with the natural texture presets available with the plugins. Add textures such as fur, skin, smoke and even natural fire and tweak them to perfection using the options provided as well. Produce false color images and even high quality interstellar image effects on your photos using the incredibly detailed options included. Add glitters, high color contrasts, light dispersion effects and even natural color spectrum effects using the plugins as well. Create light effects and include paint options such as streaks, helical worming effects and even light particle scatters in your images using the simple-to-use options. Try the BestPlugins list to find the latest and fully functional plugins instantly and put them to use to create stunning images.

Google Nik Collection

  • Google Nik Collection
    By Google
    Premium $149 (Free trial version available)


Filter Forge

    Premium $399


Eye Candy 7

  • Eye Candy
    Premium $129 (Free version Available)



  • Glitterato
    Premium $29 (Free trial version available)



    Premium $120 (10 days Free trial available)


Topaz Simplify

  • Topaz Simplify
    Premium $39.99 (Free Trial Available)


Wire Worm


Copic Color wheel

  • Copic Color Set for Corel Painter



  • Fractalius
    Premium $39.99


Texture Anarchy

  • Texture Anarchy
    Premium $129 (Free trail Version Available)


Liquid Metal

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