Best Currency converter plugins for Drupal

in CMS,Drupal, - June 11, 2014

Currency exchange rates are absolutely pluggable. Though there are umpteen currency converter plugins available on the web, the top currency converter plugins for Drupal offer a lot of features which make them favorite among those who have online shops or a shopping cart page on their website. The free Drupal modules provide your website with currency conversion, currency information & metadata and also amount or price display functionality. That solves problems for customers who need to pay in some foreign currency and are on a look out for latest exchange rates. The features for end users offered by these extensions include currency conversion widget, currency conversion input filter and amount or price display input filter.


The extensions also allow you to file issues, read about known bugs, and download the latest version of the plugin. All these premium features wrapped in the best Drupal plugins will not just allow your customers to do currency conversions between different currencies from your web site, but will also increase your website’s popularity and credibility. With flexible customization options, these plugins allow for quick and easy integration into your page. The premium ones also feature built in themes and are compatible with major browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc. Customize style and color to suit your website with the plugins’ color customization options. Watch out for the most advanced currency converter widgets for Drupal and make your shopping cart page even livelier and much more dependable for your valued customers.

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