Best of Dokuwiki Plugins to Manage Wiki Pages

in DokuWiki,Software, - May 7, 2015

Dokuwiki is a Wiki application aimed mostly at developer teams, small and medium sized companies. Dokuwiki comes with a flexible plugin API allowing developers to extend its functionality. This includes additional syntax modes, custom actions modes and new excerpt formats. Based on the purpose of the plugin it may contain one or more components of plugin types.

Some plugins allow for attachment of a calendar to the Dokuwiki page. This is a massive advantage as it turns the page into a flexible calendar tool. Some further advantages of these plugins are they can maintain multiple pages thus turning a wiki page into a multi use calendar. They can also restrict access to the calendar by creating a separate dedicated namespace. Some Dokuwiki plugins allow addition of note boxes to spice up the documentation. Word clouds which are most often seen in blogs can be added too. This makes the documentation a bit more interesting.

These plugins allow the basic syntax of Dokuwiki to be extended. They also allow for extension and replacement of core operations from saving Wiki pages to adding action nodes. They provide administrative functionality allowing access to super users and managers via admin button. These plugins can be used to provide functionality to other plugins as well so they do not have to re-implement the same features repeatedly. These plugins can also be used to export modes and add web services to the plugins. Trust BestPlugins’ list of most effective plugins for Dokuwiki for an unmatched experience in ease of use.

Indexmenu Plugin


Indexmenu Plugin


User Manager Plugin

User Manager PluginUser Manager Plugin



Popularity Feedback Plugin

Popularity Feedback PluginPopularity Feedback Plugin



Configuration Manager Plugin

Configuration Manager PluginDownload-Configuration-Manager-Plugin



ACL Plugin

ACL-Plugin Download-ACL-Plugin



Safefnrecode Plugin




Plain Text Authentication Plugin

Plain Text Authentication PluginDownload-Plain-Text-Authentication-Plugin



Wrap Plugin Download-Wrap-Plugin



Gallery Plugin Download-Dokuwiki-Gallery-Plugin



Video Share Plugin

Video Share Plugin Download-Video-Share-Plugin



Upgrade plugin

Upgrade-plugin Upgrade-plugin



CAPTCHA plugin

CAPTCHA plugin Download-CAPTCHA-plugin



Translation Plugin





Pagelist Download-Pagelist-Plugin



Tag Plugin




Color plugin


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