15 Dolphin Browser Add-ons You Should Try

in Browser, - November 18, 2014

The Dolphin browser is one of the best ways of viewing web pages on Android platforms, and along with reliability and speed, add-ons form the basis of the popularity of this browser. These add-ons focus on popularity and ease of use, and they help you connect with the sites that you regularly use. Once installed, these add-ons let you open all the sites that you visit regularly ever morning, as if with your morning coffee. These add-ons often specifically target a single feature, and help you achieve a single goal, such as converting web pages to PDF files, so that they can be easily transferred, opened or shared. The products of these add-ons may have flaws, but they are always high on functionality.


You could increase the browsing speed on your Dolphin browser with the help of these add-ons, which is always a concern when browsing via android. Importantly, your speeds could be jacked up to as much as ten times the usual numbers. You could also add storage-based and other applications such as Dropbox, to improve space on your android, with these add-ons, and also maximize on usage. Removing ads and other distractions from your web page is a good way to go about this, and these plugins help a lot. With BestPlugins, you can now find the best browser add-ons, learn more about them and use them to your benefits, without any trouble.


Web to PDF – Convert Webpages into neat and small size PDFs


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Dolphin Tab History – Have a look at individual Tab history with just one click


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Dolphin Tab Switcher – Switching tabs quickly while reading long webpages

Dolphin Tab Switcher

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Morning Coffee – Gives you frequently visited websites list for quick access


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eBay Search – Search products directly from dolphin browser

eBay Search

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Youtube Search – Find your favorite videos directly from dolphin browser.

Youtube Search

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Dropbox Add-on – Access, upload and download files from drop box.


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Browse Faster for Dolphin – Stops selected apps to make dolphin browser faster.


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Brightness – Adjust brightness of screen with one swipe.


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Dolphin Battery Saver – Save battery and do not let your phone die.


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Evernote Add-on – Access files, Edit online, upload and many more in evernote.


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Night Mode For Dolphin Browser – Dim your Android phone screen with one touch.


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Shiny Shake Dolphin – Switch tabs or change colors with just one shake

Shiny Shake Dolphin

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Dolphin Reader – Turn article as Google reader with no images or no distraction.

Dolphin Reader

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