22 Dreamweaver Extensions to Increase Productivity

in Adobe,Software, - November 15, 2014

Master the art of coding and get updated with the top Dreamweaver extensions to increase productivity. Change layouts, add complex menu navigation pullouts, include PHP based forms, and lots more using the easy to use plugins. Choose from tested layout templates that can be customized to accommodate any web design using the plugins. Change the attribute values of any element in your CSS such as paragraphs, headings, and images and also provide user defined padding and margin values as well using the simple interface of the plugins. Also convert your web pages into a CSS only design and even turn complex elements to compatible CSS script and make the performance of site better.


With the add-ons, creating multilayered menus and managing them will no longer pose a problem. Easily create horizontal or vertical oriented navigation menus, and style them anyway you want with the plugins; also choose from preset layouts for instant inclusion as well. Import CSS script from other sources and integrate with your Dreamweaver files, remove style tags and create a completely new CSS file, and even add CSS tree navigation tool with ease with the add-ons. Change the way in which Dreamweaver renders the page with media targeted rendering for faster performance of the site using the plugins too. Also create new classes, PHP CSS integration, and interactive drop down lists with the options provided as well. Trust BestPlugins to feed you with authentic and high quality add-ons for an enhanced Dreamweaver experience.


Quickly generate your own custom CSS layout – Design Extender


Download @ 399.99$


Create professional responsive touch-enabled CSS drop down menus


Download @ $79.95


Edit Text And Images In The Context Of Your Page – InContest CMS

Edit Text And Images In The Context Of Your Page

Download @ $99.99


Create beautiful pure CSS and Flash Menus – Flash Menu and CSS Menu


Download @$175


Display your images in a stylish, professional looking lightbox – Lightbox 3


Download @ $49.95


Create engaging and moving media Presentations – XML Flash Slideshow


Download @ $24.95


Easy and effective way to present your products, services and portfolio photos – Image / Banner Rotator

Easy and effective way to present your products, services and portfolio photos.

Download @ $49.95


Create your website Add a CMS – Super Suite

Download @ $799.99


Display locations and give driving directions to your customers – Maps and Directions 2


Download @ $52


Creative DW Image Show PRO – Dreamweaver Slideshow Extension


Download @ $89.99


Flash like image effects directly from DW


Download @ $18.74


Quickly add Captcha functionality – PHP CAPTCHA FOR DREAMWEAVER


Download @ $ 29.95


Build database-driven websites – Data Bridge

Download @ $399.99


Instantly add weather conditions for any location

instantly add weather conditions for any location

Download @ $15


Generate streamlined MySQLi – MySQLi Server Behaviors

MySQLi Server Behaviors

Download @ $ 149.99


Scrollbar Styler for Dreamweaver


Download @ $5


The Drag and Drop Layout design

Download @ $99


Managing files easy – DMXzone Extension Manager

DMXzone Extension Manager



HTML5 PHP File Upload

Download @ $39.95


Responsive Animated Menus – Flexi Menus 2

Download @ $79


Quick and easy add a 960 CSS Grid for most flexible web site design



Full-screen Background Images Made Ridiculously Easy – EasyBigBackground

Download @ $24.95


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