Plugins to display Calendar on your Drupal Site

in CMS,Drupal, - July 5, 2014

If you want a stylish Calendar with smart features for your Drupal site, look no further. The fantastic Drupal plugins for calendar will make your website look better than ever before. These calendar plugins come with excellent features like customizable shape and colours. You can decide which shape you want and what kind of colour combination will suite with your website. A detailed view of the calendar is also available with its tablature feature. This feature is a sleek and elegant way to keep your routine organised. With this feature you can add details regarding what work you have on which date this makes these Drupal plugins extremely useful for online sites.


 These Drupal plugins are updated frequently so you will be updated with the latest feature as long as you update from time to time to experience the new features available. The different columns available for different jobs are a neat little twist. You can assign your work colour to keep in mind what kind of job you have when like tours or meetings. This helps in keeping things simple and clean not to mention it enhances the visual appearance. These Drupal calendar plugins are free and you can download them from numerous online websites. These plugins are the best option for a calendar for your website. With the premium features which these plugins offer you can be sure that your website offers a top class experience every time.

Calendar Block
Event Calendar
Events calendar feature
Pretty Calendar
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