Plugins to Organise Surveys on Drupal Site

in CMS,Drupal, - July 5, 2014

Survey plugins for Drupal is an efficient way to conduct surveys with the simple but powerful features available with these plugins. These Drupal plugins for surveys uses a form builder feature which helps create crisp interfaces every time. These plugins come with drag and drop feature which helps maintain its efficiency making these plugins really easy to use. Another little feature which sets these plugins apart are reuse questions feature with this you can import questions from different past surveys and reuse them instantly. There is also the option of response and view which helps in putting forth the viewer’s thoughts on the survey.  These plugins are perfect for getting feedback regarding any topic and they are very easy to install and use.


 These Drupal Survey Plugins are available for free online. You just have to download and install them on your Drupal website. The premium features which you get with these plugins are really not something to be looked down upon. You can choose the appearance of your survey by customizing the font and the colour. The amount of question and options which can be added is infinite only depends on the maker’s imagination. These plugins perform very well with their simple interface and fast functionality making them very user friendly. No wonder these plugins are the best option for your Drupal website. With these top class plugins conducting surveys are easy and fun. Also these are a great way to get feedback on a certain topic.

Survey Builder
LimeSurvey Sync
Form Builder
Webform Template
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