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The renowned Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the Eclipse platform is an extremely important tool for those wishing to develop software. Eclipse’s main function is the creation of tools that may mechanize an integrated web and develop applications. The platform shines is its ability to incorporate various plugins in the software development.

Eclipse Plugins

Thanks to the extension based model which Eclipse follows, one can find an addon for every need, thus eliminating the need for any other IDE. Be it frameworks within which one needs to develop apps or database related modules, there is at least one plugin for all stages of software development.


How to install Eclipse Plugins

Before being able to use all the plugins to make software development simpler and more efficient, one must first learn how to add these extensions to Eclipse. There are two methods the Eclipse user may wish to employ.

The first and easier method is by utilizing the Eclipse Update Manager, which is the standard built-in option when it comes to adding plugins. What the Update Manager does basically, is that it searches for and presents one with the option of adding various addons through download, whether the plugins are available on the computer or the internet. It also allows one to compare extensions. The Update Manager will only download those modules, whether free or available in premium versions, that are compatible with one’s version of Eclipse.

Another method is by using the directory, finding Eclipse there and adding the extensions in a more direct manner, immediately into the directory itself.


Must Have Eclipse Plugins

Some of the best Eclipse plugins are available only in premium versions which have to be paid for, but a few of the top addons are available for free as well. Extensions which are really important will be ones that can add the ability to name software in a unique way and manage whatever changes are made to the software, editors that can deal with the XML language, a client of SQL that helps in searching through relevant databases, etc.

Eclipse UML Plugins

Unified Modeling Language or UML is a particular language used for developing software. It allows developers to observe a software visually by providing a prototype image or a blue-print. This image includes the constituent elements of the software, the purpose or activity the software will be engaged in and the interaction of the software components. The UML plugin is a top extension for Eclipse that adds the ability to use this language in the development process.


Eclipse Backup Plugins

Backup Plugins is an extremely crucial step in any activity on the computer as it provides a safeguard against any unforeseeable disaster that might lead to the permanent loss of data. Some of the best plugins available for download perform backups along with additional functions such as defragmentation and indexing.



Eclipse Graphic Plugins

An Eclipse plugin that allows the user to utilize tools of graphic modeling and design. These addons add the necessary function to create a graphical interface for the software that is being developed. Nowadays, most software has Graphic User Interface, which is made possible with the download and use of these top modules.

  • WireframeSketcher Wireframing Tool

  • Obeo Designer Community

  • docfacto Toolkit


Eclipse Android Plugins

Eclipse can also be used to develop software for the Android mobile operating system. An Eclipse plugin that creates Object-relational Mapping, a virtual database where the operating system of a computer can be used by Eclipse to convert data into Google’s Android framework, is a basic definition of such a plugin, the best of which also add such functions as debugging.


Eclipse Editor Plugins

An Eclipse Editor plugin allows greater formatting of the source code, enhanced debugging abilities and an overall enhanced control over the entire software development procedure. Top addons also add various frameworks and even allows users to utilize external editors, should one need to check the file on a platform apart from Eclipse.



Eclipse Import Plugins

A range of addons are available that allows easier importation of software under development and the databases, automating the process and doing things like classifying the existing database and making it easier to import. One can download import extensions which have scripts that can filter the tables for importation and control the creation of relations.



Eclipse Language Plugins

These add various software development languages users might specifically require to develop their software. Some really good free ones provide model languages and transform them, some identify languages while others allow the use of languages for hardware design. There are also top multipurpose language addons like a module that allows users to create warnings, no matter the language used.



Eclipse Web Development Plugins

Web development plugins make the Ecliple platform more capable of dealing with web-based software, through the use of RDBMs such as Oracle. Moreover, these addons allow the users to include operation on cloud-based software and use remote-access services while incorporating major web crawling search engines like Google and social networks like Facebook.



Eclipse Plugins for Java

Although Eclipse is actually based on Java, these Java extensions are downloaded by users to have greater freedom when developing software based on Java coding. One of the biggest uses of Java plugins is for the development of other Java-based software, like Eclipse. These software are developed by using the extensions.



Eclipse plugins for C++

Another popular programming language like Java, extensions that allow Eclipse to develop software using the language perform several functions such as unit testing, analysis, use of the OpenCL framework. Certain modules available for download are found as IDEs, to be used within the Eclipse IDE for C++ software development.



Eclipse BIRT Plugins

The Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) is a project that is open source and can procure information for business analysis. The addons for this project allow formatting of BIRT by software developers to provide support for control that is custom and to customize behavior with the help of points of extensions.



Eclipse Documentation Plugins

An Eclipse documentation plugin accomplishes various functions such as creating HTML file types that let users view the documentation of the software and synchronizing available documentation with changes in various other components such as the source code. Some of the best addons for download also allow the document to be fully customized through processes of development such as syntax.



Eclipse Search Plugins

The Eclipse search plugin allows users to incorporate the search function into software developed through Eclipse. There are several ways this can be accomplished, such as with a bound keyboard shortcut or through a dialog box or providing instantaneous search options. There are also plugins that enable snippet searches via console.



With such a plethora of plugins, users will be hard-pressed to find a more multifarious IDE. The truly wonderful aspect of the Eclipse platform, its ability to integrate almost any kind of extension, even other IDEs like itself, allows for the greatest amount of versatility when designing software of all kinds.


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