Ultimate New Features of Photoshop CC (Infographic)

in Adobe,Photoshop,Software, - April 4, 2015

Features of Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe has released another version of Photoshop: Photoshop CC 2014. The expression on your face is quite predictable: “Where has the CS thing gone?” There lies the twist in the plot; the traditional Adobe Photoshop ‘Creative Suite’ family has become a ‘Creative Cloud’ one. Moreover the principle behind the software has also changed. You’ll no longer have to upgrade your existing version when a newer version has released, rather your software will continuously upgrade its features throughout the year, whenever there’s an alteration.

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Features of Photoshop CC

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The two most top-notch new features of Photoshop CC are as follows

Typekit Integration: Suppose if you have a document with a certain font which is not available on your machine, you’re just a click away to command the Typekit to make the font available for all the applications on your computer.

New Blur Effects: The two new blur effects in Photoshop CC make blurring seamless. Path blur gives an illusion of motion in a path whereas spin blur can be used to achieve an illusion of rotational motion.


The Other features in the scene

Albeit there are many-a-new features as well, the focus of this list is to point out the most prominent ones. A Photoshop CC download gets most effective when you exploit the new features like Smart Guides (though it’s available for many-a-versions, it is provided by default in Photoshop CC to make two objects seem to have an equal pace), Focus Mask (which automatically selects the focused regions of an image) and the Layer Comps panel (to sync the layer comps more intelligently in this version).

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