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Filter Forge – The One Stop Shop for All your Photoshop Effects, Textures, and Filters

Filter Forge is a dream come true for 3D game developers and modelers all over the world. It gives the power of transformation to any modeler with just one mouse click. The absolute seamless integration allows creation of a plethora of textures based on several map types; normal, specular strength, specular exponent, metallic, diffuse, bump and alpha.


Though Filter Forge has been around for quite some time and is the most relied upon Photoshop plugins for beginners and professionals alike, what sets it apart is the continued improvement philosophy of the developers. The same is amply exhibited in the latest edition of the plugin, Filter Forge 5.0. The basic key features are more than enough to make Filter Forge such an asset for design artists are reviewed here.


The visual node-based editor allows creation of visual effects and procedural textures with the help of a few simple options. The online filter library is a repertoire of online submitted filters created by users and star authors which can be downloaded and used to transform your model. The seamless tiling features is the one which takes the crown among them all; this allows tiling of even non square textures hence extending the scope of Filter Forge far beyond simple symmetrical structures.

All the filters that are available for use are generated procedurally and hence any of them can be used independent of resolution without losing any detail. The special randomization enhancements have been included in the 5.0 Beta versions upon request, which includes the ability to exclude filter settings from randomization. This new version has brought to you the option of specifically locking a parameter during randomization by simple selection procedure. Also specific parameters may be selectively subject to randomization without disturbing the other attributes. The randomizer settings are vivid and even the randomization level can vary from low through to high.


Manage your files and filters better on 5.0


The Filter Manager Options helps you to organize your filter collection better. You can now create unlimited number of custom folders to hold your created filters or other favorite filters. The filter library categories are displayed as folder tree which is controlled by the Filter Forge staff and is not subject to customization. The new version also flaunts multiple storage folders with configurable locations. Each of these storage folders represents a real folder on your drives and you can manually specify its particular location. You can also select your favorite folders among the many created for your convenience.


Create Filter-trees for Better Organization

Creating Groups has never been easier on Filer Forge; any user can organize filter levels and complexities by creating nested groups of filters. The Filter Forge 5.0 Beta now introduces an even more simplified way of making groups which let you “Package” the reusable parts of filter-tree into customized components with user defined inputs and properties. Editing groups and adding inputs is just as easy as creating the new filter groups in this new and improved version of Filter Forge.



The Loopy Part

The loop and recursions option has revolutionized the concept of 3D modeling because Filter Forge has brought the two most powerful key elements together; nested loops and recursion into a visually perceptible environment. Although the novices should be warned because at its core recursion has a heart of programming languages with all the accompanying usual pros and cons, which also includes exponential growth of rendering time.



Other important features that make Filter Forge the force that it is!

Filter Forge comes with the most comprehensive support for all kinds of image formats under the sun, thus emerging as a truly flexible and wholly relevant plugin for all kind of Photoshop applications.

Accurate RGB outputs of any map component, full-blown HDR support, area lighting and ambient occlusion, edge detection and Bezier curves, intuitive UI with resizable panels, and a wonderful Before/After view – all these user experience and core capabilities features make Filter Forge the best plugin in the business.

  • Groups and Instancing
  • Support for Multiple Source Images
  • More Preview Images
  • Bezier Curves
  • Interactive Before/After Wipe
  • Edge Detector Component
  • Shadows via Ambient Occlusion
  • Full HDR Support
  • Point/Area Lights
  • New Lighting Options
  • Bomber Component
  • Transform Components (Scale, Rotate and More)

Preview images can be generated without much change of default settings. Each of these images comes with their own transparent areas and alpha channels which translate to; any user testing a new filter on the preview image without having to go through the hassle of loading new ones.


Featured Filters

  • Cubes
  • Sunburst
  • Polygon Painting
  • Alphabet Texture Creator Extended
  • Grunge Frame
  • Delfts blauw
  • Splatter
  • Paint HDRtist
  • On the Road Again


A wholesome online library of filters that’s equipped with smart search to let you see results as you type is another great aspect of the plugin.

Filter Forge is by far the most comprehensive, dynamic, and feature rich plugin for all kinds of Photoshop users, and a must have in the design tools artillery of any digital designer. Explore newer horizons of designing with Photoshop with the heart-winning capabilities of this unmatched digital design plugin.


Product Details

Manufacturer & Retailer : Filter Forge, Inc
Requirements : OS – Windows or Mac (Adobe Photoshop)
Price : Basic Edition ($149), Standard Edition ($249), Professional Edition ($399), Free Trail Available.
Pros : 10000+ Filters, Helps users to create new filters, generate textures, create visual effects, enhance photos, process images.
Cons : None

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