23+ Free Plugins that make GIMP even more Powerful

in Software, - April 30, 2015

Gimp is a GNU licensed open-source free project which mainly acts as an image manipulation and editing tool. It supports features like image conversion from one format to another, cropping, resizing, editing, free-form drawing and many other which make it one of the most important and prominent image editing kits after Adobe Photoshop. [Gimp 2.8 Download]



Gimp Plugins

Gimp plugins are available on the internet in abundance. A Gimp free download turns out most effective when is coupled with a collection of the best Gimp plugins. Gimp Plugin Registry is arguably the best source from where you can download the most best-suited Gimp plugins for your purpose. It’s almost regularly updated with new plugins featuring new advancements. Gimp Plugins Pack is a complete package that when installed, provides you with an integrated collection of plugins giving access to all the popular plugins till date without downloading them individually. You can also write your Gimp scripts to customize the available plugins even more. And here comes the list of the top-notch ones


How to install Gimp Plugins


Save for Web

It strikes a chord between the file size and image quality very effectively. Helps in changing compression ratio, number of colors, image dimension and looks after the file size reduction as well. [Download Script]



It is designed for Gimp version 2.0 or later ones. It lets you open and store images in DirectDraw Surface (DDS) format. Gimp DDS plugin for x64 is also available. [Download Script]



Layer Effects

It incorporates a lot of scripts implementing several layer effects like Outer Glow, Drop Shadow, Satin, Stroke, Inner Shadow, Gradient Overlay etc. Some effects can be applied to a separate layer with curves and noise. [Download Script]


Gimp Extensions Pack for Windows

Along with other Gimp plugin packs, Gimp extensions jpg pack for Windows is an installer which encapsulates many extensions for Gimp offering a plethora of Plug-ins, Brushes, Scripts etc. before you. [Download Script]



G’MIC : GREYC’s Magic for Image Computing

This plugin can offer a preview image for each filter available, does support multi-layered inputs and outputs, allows users to add custom filters and helps to develop animations using static images. [Download Script]




It is a suite of ten plugins among which Heal Selection is the most popular. A Gimp resynthesizer download benefits you in many ways. Resynthesizer Gimp for Mac is also very popular solely for its feature list. [Download Script]


Draw arrow

This plugin makes adding arrows in Gimp seamless. Different Gimp arrow shapes can be introduced in an image or in a specific layer according to your preference in addition to the default ones. [Download Script]



Photo effects

This plugin is a photo version of Gimp text effects plugin and it incorporates a collection of some fabulous features like Inkpen, Palette knife, Conte crayon, (plastic) Wrap effect, Solarisation etc. [Download Script]


Wavelet denoise

Wavelet denoise tutorials are available for free, but the reasons you need this plugin for are its noise profiling, preview window, fast processing time, multilingual UI and many other exciting features. [Download Script]


National Geographic Script

This National Geographic Gimp plugin is designed to process high quality photos like the National Geographic ones. It is very easy to add and is updated with sharpening and shadow recovery scripts as well. [Download Script]



This plugin is mainly used to convert color formats like RGB to CMYK in Gimp and vice versa. The plugin also supports conversion from RGB to RGB for profile management as well. [Download Script]



Lomo Script with Old Style Colors

This plugin can be easily downloaded and added to your existing Gimp version. It has updated the Gimp vignette filter, added nice colors and sharpness features to the existing old plugin. [Download Script]

BIMP. Batch Image Manipulation Plugin


GAP 2.4 (Windows installer)

The full form of this plugin is Gimp Animation Package. It is designed especially for windows. As the name suggests, this plugin produces smooth, high quality yet extremely compressed animation. [Download Script]


Heal selection

This plugin normally comes with Resynthesizer suite. It’s one of the most helpful Gimp plugins which can be used to synthesize a part (or the whole) of an image, which needs to be customized. [Download Script]


BIMP (Batch Image Manipulation Plugin)

It is one of the most celebrated Gimp batch process plugins which offers features like watermark, color correction, resize, rotate, flip, format conversion, crop etc. to manipulate an existing image. [Download Script]


UFRaw (Unidentified Flying Raw)

This plugin is one of the Gimp raw plugins designed mainly to preprocess and manipulate the raw digital images from digital cameras before loading them into Gimp. It supports ICC color profiles too. [Download Script]


Wavelet decompose

Gimp wavelet decompose tutorials are popular because of the features of this plugin which supports lossless decomposition of an image through multiple wavelet scale layers, noise reduction, retouching and many more. [Download Script]



High Pass Filter

A Gimp high pass filter download never goes to waste. It preserves DC, lowers the rate of saturation before high-pass filtration and helps to blend the filtered one with the source layer colors. [Download Script]


Liquid Rescale

Liquid rescale gimp tutorials provide the guidelines to resize images non-uniformly mainly not to tamper their most important features—when only some parts of the image need to be resized keeping the others constant. [Download Script]



Fake high dynamic range effect

High dynamic range rendering helps to save the details from the hands of contrasting ratios. This plugin helps to make your shabby image look immensely realistic through a little bit of faking; thus is the name. [Download Script]


Index print or contact sheet (with exif and raw support)

“How to make a contact sheet in gimp” is well-answered with this plugin. It helps photographers use index prints and contact sheets more effectively to decide which images are to be enlarged. [Download Script]



Normal Map

It helps in converting normal images to RGB color maps to enhance per-pixel lighting. But the main aim of this plugin is to seamlessly clone NVIDIA’s Photoshop plugin in addition to other features. [Download Script]



Quick Sketch

Gimp sketch effect plugin is widely used to emulate an image to give it a sketch-like finish very easily. You can control the blur factor too, to tune the outcome as per your requirements. [Download Script]


Export Layers

Gimp export layers plugin turns out very helpful to export gimp layers separately as individual images and to make them available in almost all the formats that are supported by Gimp. [Download Script]



Exposure Blend

This plugin empowers exposure fusion in Gimp helping to blend all the three bracketed exposures along with the other useful features like trimming, contrasting and saving of these custom images. [Download Script]

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