10+ Best Google Chrome Extensions to Clear Cache and History

in Browser, - May 28, 2014

Browsing History is useful in case you want to keep a record on which sites you or other users visit most. Each time you open a new website while browsing, your browser stores the web address in the cache memory so that forwarding and reverting back to an old page is no more a cumbersome task. However the Cache and History do take up a lot of disk space. So it is a good idea to clean your history and cache once in a while, this will actually help your browser to function more efficiently and faster as well. But a thorough sweeping is quite a tiresome work with all the detailed manual screening, selection and individual deleting processes.


To make that work easier use the Google Chrome extensions that are now available exclusively for clearing cache and history. Now a clean and free disk space is only one click away. Do not face the annoying confirmation dialog boxes, pop-up windows and other notifications during the ongoing process. Be free from the fear of deleting more than you intend to. The extension allows complete customization of how much data you want to clear and how much you aim to save. The info include the App cache, Cookies, Download list, File Systems, History, Form data, Web SQL, Plug-in Data and Local Storage. So you can now clear the cookies globally or from certain domains or exempting certain specified domains with unprecedented deftness and ease with this Google Chrome extension.

Clear Cache
History Eraser
Cache Killer
Remove cookies for site
Clear Cache Shortcut
Clear Cache
TYPO3: Clear cache
SingleClick Cleaner
clear Cache,clean cache
Cache Killer Pro
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