15+ Google Chrome Plugins for Scrolling

in Browser, - June 20, 2014

Welcome to Chrome Plugins for scrolling that allow smooth scrolling for the browser. With extended support for mouse wheel, middle mouse and key board support, the many keys like arrow, page up and page down, spacebar, home and end are used and integrated with the plugins. There could be other customizable steps written in the program which could determine the frames per second and much more. The most fantastic thing about these plugins is that they can even function with embedded content like Flash, PDF and others. With full touchpad support, they are amazing plugins which offer some seamless navigating in the web page or the browser.

Google Chrome Plugins for Scrolling

Through the functionality of the plugins, it is possible to look for things that one is looking for with faster speed. Working in close quarters with the Google search function, they translate the Google queries in a meaningful way and display bits of the texts from the page which are relevant to the queries and when you would click on the texts, it will navigate and take you to the desired pages in a matter of seconds. Smart functions of the scrolling plugins ascertain when they need to be functional and hence these plugins get activated appropriately; at other times they pretty much remain in the background. The Chrome Plugins for scrolling assists scrolling on pages loaded by http and ftp making it a very smooth affair. So, use the Chrome Plugins for scrolling and seamlessly scroll through without clicking ‘next’ each time.


Google Quick Scroll
Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller
Scroll To Top Button
Thin Scroll Bar
Smooth Key Scroll
Scrollbar Anywhere
Auto Scroll
Scroll Bar 1 (Blue)
No Scroll Bars Please!
Scroll Button
Smooth Scroll
Easy Scroll
Nyan Scroll Bar (Small)
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