8 Best Google Chrome to Phone Extensions

in Browser, - May 29, 2014

There have been so many occasions when you were reading a webpage or browsing a map on your laptop or desktop and you wished for a fast way to transfer the URL or webpage info on your tablet or phone. Now fret no more, there are several Google Chrome extensions that will now let you transfer the webpage information for easier browsing and viewing, to your phone or tablet.  The Google Chrome extensions let you send a live URL from the Chrome browser on your computer to the Chrome browser on your phone or tablet. Moreover, you can also send a copy to your phone for offline viewing.


All you have to do is download the Google Chrome extension for URL transfer on your desktop and make sure your phone has a working Google Chrome browser too. The extensions add one button to the Chrome browser that allows you to push links, maps and text selected to your android device. So sending the URL from your desktop to your phone is now just one click away. The option of offline viewing is particularly remarkable, this allows you to download a copy of the webpage you are viewing to your phone or tablet, that way you will have an access to it even when you do not have the option of going online. Never feel disconnected when on the go, instead continue reading with just a simple click of the button. Use the Google Chrome to Phone extensions to always stay informed.

Chrome to Mobile
Google Chrome to Phone Extension
Browser To Phone
QR pc to phone
Phone 2 Google Chrome
Send to Phone
Send to iPhone - myPhoneDesktop
ExtensionBrowser to Phone(by QRCode)
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