How to Have a Great looking Image Gallery With Plugins

in CMS, - September 26, 2014

Websites today have become more interactive and interesting than ever before, and it is a very common thing for websites of any kind to have great images in them. And it always makes sense to have good image galleries in websites where images can be categorised according to genre or interest. So here are a few plugins that will help you create the perfect image gallery, categorized as per some of the most popular CMS.



NextGEN Gallery : This is one of the best places plugins that help in making great looking image galleries. This one’s very powerful, and can manage tons of images all at once. Users can upload images not just singularly, but in big batches, and manage the galleries with ease.


Justified Image Grid: Upload images from Flickr, Facebook, Instagram and other social networking websites or even Videos from YouTube. Editing the thumbnails, making easy slideshows, and transition effects can all be effortlessly be done with this plugin.



RSMedia Gallery : Trust this plugin to turn images or folder of images into a gallery inside the users’ Joomla powered website. These galleries are grid-styled, so they look really organised and images can be found very easily by the users on such galleries.


Simple Image Gallery: Users can just click on images, and they will be displayed in lightbox popups for better viewing. With this plugin, you can have endless galleries in side any article of your choice. This completely removes the requirement of additional galleries to hold the images.



Juicebox HTML5 Responsive Image Galleries : on this platform, galleries can be created in the blink of an eye, without having to bother with light boxes, audio players and other display modules. Users can easily post, share and display dynamic images and galleries of images without any trouble. Uploading, synchronizing, viewing and mobilizing all become tasks of great ease with this plugin.


Cincopa Multimedia Galleries: Apart from the usual deal, there are cross-device plugins as well, like this one which bridge the gap between the latest HTML5 and Drupal platforms, and help users create some of the best galleries for images. This one’s responsive too, which ensures that images look crisp and classy on all screen sizes.



Prestashop Customer Photo Gallery : With this plugin, you get features such as new-hook to right and left, top of the pages and home options, and even options to block side contents. You can enable as many categories and sub categories that you may need.


Gallery Module : With this Prestashop plugin you can even set the width of the thumbnails for every individual image, and users can even add frames and borders to images as they see fit.



SM Gallery: This plugin might come across as being very simple and basic, but gets the job done very well. With this plugin, the admin always has the complete control over the management of the images, and can edit them and categorise them to every extent possible.


Magento Image Gallery: With this plugin all users can create multiple image gallery categories according to their needs, and can access features such as captions for images, create portfolios, adding lightbox effects to images, and much more.


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