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Amazing Illustrator Plugins to Speedup Your Work

Illustrator is a vector based graphic design software that allows users to easily create illustrations, cartoons, charts and diagrams over images as separate layers or even as standalone pictures. The major advantage with illustrator is that it utilizes mathematical equations instead of image files to create the effects on images. This allows infinite scaling of the illustration templates and compatibility to a wide range of file formats rendering it ideal for creating logos, maps, infographics, picture realistic diagrams, etc.

Illustrator Plugins

Illustrator’s functionalities can be increased tenfold with the best illustrator plugins. The plugins can be utilized to add new object types such as guides, paths, groups and so on, or do some engineering by calculating the area of a vector path, or even control the behavior of Bezier curves to create the shape you need instantly. The premium plugins also include options to add professional features like free form path generators, professional CAD tools, Photoshop type color adjustments, packaging design tools, regenerating patterns, etc. Most free Adobe Illustrator plugins include detailed instructions for download and installation as well, read on to find out how.


How to install Illustrator Plugins

Installation of Adobe Illustrator plugins follows a few simple steps which are explained here in this section.


Tutorial for How To Install adobe illustrator Addons

Step 1: First close the Adobe Illustrator application and all other major applications before attempting to install the plugins. Double check that no other Adobe extensions are running in the background, such as Adobe Bridge, Photoshop, etc., the system requirements for specific plugin should be met before trying to install the plugins. Read the plugin install note to see the compatibility of the plugins. For instance some plugins may require a 64 bit operating system while other may require a 32 bit operating system.

Step 2: Make sure the latest version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is present with the computer. This can be checked from the control panel > Hardware/software installed. If the software is not available or if it is outdated, download it for free.

Step 3: Download the Adobe Illustrator Addons to your system and unpack them or mount them to a drive in your PC. In some cases the downloaded plugin maybe an update to a previously loaded plugin in the Adobe Illustrator application. In such cases do not overwrite any files, and copy the new plugin folders to a separate location.

Step 4: Move the unpacked Illustrator Plugin folder files to the Illustrator Plugin’s directory, and save them on the folder. Now run the Illustrator application, sometimes a restart of the PC may be required. If the install is successful, and if it’s the first time you have installed that particular plugin, the opening window will ask for a new folder to store the scripts for the downloaded plugin. Specify a folder within the plugin’s directory, and you’re all set to start using the plugins.

Once the add-ons have been installed, they can be accessed from the windows tool bar, where a separate palette would have been created for plugin. In some cases where the plugin acts as an enhancement for the existing options it would be highlighted to mark that it has been newly installed. The plugins may require some additional operational instructions which may be found along with the provided documentation of the plugin. If the Adobe Illustrator Plugins show error when working it may be due to software incompatibility and may be corrected by downloading the newer version of the plugin.


Illustrator Import and Export Plugins

Numerous premium Illustrator import and export plugins can be utilized exchange of files of different software platforms with Illustrator. CAD files, DWG files, Bitmap images, JPEG files and also Flash formats can be imported in to Illustrator. Also the export plugins can be used to export files to Photoshop, and to rasterize the vector format to viewable image formats in other platforms.

  • Connect YOU

    Premium $99 (Free version Available)

  • XAML


  • CFG for Illustrator

    Premium $395 (Free Demo version available)




Illustrator Swatches

Create exciting color patterns and textures using the Illustrator Swatches Plugins. The plugins can be utilized to create various ordered geometrical patterns, random shapes, black and white swatches, color gradients and even changing tiles. The swatches can be added by simply choosing the color gradient from the swatches palette add-on. Also the premium plugins allow addition of transparent frame swatches to the illustration as well.

  • Triangle swatches for Illustrator

    Premium $5.95



  • 15 Warning Tape Pattern Swatches

    Premium $4




Illustrator Texture Plugins

Illustrator texture plugins offer extensive options to enhance your designs. Add number of textures to your diagrams using the simple interface right from simple wood board lines to complex textures with multiple layers. The best plugins offer users complete control over the texture density, sharpness of lines, transparency, layer control and so on. Download additional add-ons to create multilayered textures as well.

  • Ground Textures

    Premium $9

    By Matthew Butler
  • Autumn Painterly Photographic Textures

    Premium $40

  • Grunge Texturepack

    Premium $5.90




Illustrator Pattern Plugins

Repeating shapes in the diagram can be handled well with the Illustrator pattern plugins. Select the shape of your desire and repeat it to form your very own pattern using the free plugins, or choose from hundreds of preset pattern templates and include them into your design, or even create moving patterns using the simple-to-use premium plugins. The options also allow users to change colors, dimensions of the pattern, gradient, and even orientation.

  • Seamless Patterns


    By Usha Desai
  • Make Me Pattern Action Set for Illustrator

    Premium $2

    By sptvar
  • Artlandia SymmetryWorks

    Premium Starts at $364




Illustrator 3D Plugins

Create 3D effects like never before using the Illustrator 3D Plugins for Adobe Illustrator. The free plugins can be utilized to create new three dimensional objects on the Illustrator platform, or modify 3D files created on other platforms and imported into the module, or rasterize pixel based 3D images to vector form 3D objects or to even create stunning 3D visual effects such as particle backgrounds, textures and so on.

  • Fold up die-drawings in Illustrator


  • Packaging Software for 3D Package Design

    Premium $1730

  • Stylism

    Premium $44




Illustrator CAD Plugins

Add CAD functionalities to your Illustrator workspace and create accurate figures using the Illustrator CAD plugins. Snap on objects to grids using the plugins, and project to 3D or draw isometric vector images right from the same window. The best plugins add CAD functionalities such as drawing, editing, dimensioning, layering, projection surfaces, loft options and even sectional view options to the platform.


    Premium $150



  • Hot Door CADtools 9

    Premium $349

  • CADgate





Illustrator Color Plugins

Illustrator color plugins extend the usual functionalities provided as default with the platform. They allow users to combine various color palettes, experiment with patterns and swatches, transparency, texture, and even allow users include real life color setting to the illustrations. Choose from a number of variations right from cartoon like water colors to cinematographic colors to bring your illustrations to life.

  • ArtOptimizer

    Premium $119.95 (Free Version Available)

  • Separation View-Print

    Premium $25

  • Phantasm

    Premium $75 (Free Version Available)




Illustrator Cartography Plugins

Illustrator Cartography Plugins are useful in a number of ways such that they can be used join or merge lines, smoothen sharp curves, meld textures and swatches, cool hot spots in the color corrections or even normalize topology based on preference. The premium plugins also offer options such as adaptation to one path, selecting paths of similar length, special move options and so on.

  • Xtream Path!

    Premium $139 (Free Demo Version Available)

  • MAPublisher

    Premium Starts $199

  • CAD tools

    Premium $349




Illustrator Font Plugins

Expand your capabilities limitlessly using the Illustrator font plugins. Experiment with hundreds of preset fonts available with the bestAdobe Illustrator addons and customize them further to create your own unique font. Distort and rearrange orientation, change dimensions and alter font presentation, control transparency and density, experiment with color combinations and textured 3D fonts, and do a lot more using the free plugins.

  • The FontShop Plugin


  • Creative with fonts

    Premium $49

  • Font Info plug-in




Adobe Illustrator is an excellent tool for designing logos, diagrams and other illustration. With the added bonus of extending its capabilities by means of addons and free plugins, Illustrator is an indispensable platform for creating and modifying designs for both professional and artistic use. And with compatibility with all systems and other software, it’s a worthy addition to any designer’s tool kit.

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