Joomla Catalog Extensions

in CMS,Joomla, - June 19, 2015

Catalog extensions for the  Best Joomla Extensions platform are convenient tools that help with the organization of products which are then represented as catalogs on the website. Every product seen in the catalog has been assigned to a relevant category which makes it easier for the customer to identify and search the necessary products within the catalog. Users can add unlimited parameters to each category within the catalog for a detailed representation of the product on the catalog.


DJ-Catalog2 Extension for Joomla – $50

DJ-Catalog2 Extension for Joomla

Download Plugin


Spider Catalog for Joomla – $19.9

Spider Catalog for Joomla

Download Plugin

Customers can rate the products available on the catalog and these extensions also permit them to write customer Joomla Review Extensions. Customization is one of the key features of these extensions and you can edit every aspect, from the text size to background color as well as the number of customer reviews on each page of the catalog.

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