15+ Joomla Currency Converter Plugins

in CMS,Joomla, - June 11, 2014

Given the globalization of trade practices, currency conversion plays all the more important role, especially in online trading. A lot of websites display latest rates in different currencies. One of the biggest benefits of having a currency converter is the immediacy of information. Most online stores these days have currency converters that help you know immediately how much you are paying in your own local currency if the payment is being made in some foreign currency. The top Joomla Currency Converter Plugins allow you to display the Google Currency Converter in a module position.The module makes use of the Currency Converter from Google Finance.It performscurrency conversion by connecting in real-time to the converter from Google Finance.


This gives you the most up-to-date currency rates. Most of the extensions use AJAX to display the result, so you don’t need to reload the pages for updating the exchange rates each time. They come with full CSS support so you can set the font size, change colors of foreground and background, text and borders, etc. Some of the premium modules offer free exchange rate history chart module; you only need to choose default currencies and time period and you have the graphs in front of you. Install these plugins and make the best use of the currency converters to keep yourself and your visitors informed about exchange rate of one currency to another specified currency. The time limit for updating the exchange rates can also be set.

Live Exchange Rates Table (ajax)
Google Currency Converter
Exchange Rate Historical Graphs
Currency Widget
D-Mack CurrencyConverter
D-Mack Convert Currency
Sh Currency Converter
Universal Currency Converter
Foreign Exchange Calculator
Currencies rates informer
Exchange Rate Calculator M
Price Converter
Exchange Rate Calculator
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